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    GregTech Upgrades

    Me went and added 3 or maybe 4 Overclockers to my Centerfuse thingy wingy... And now I can't supply enough power to it.. lol.. Anyway to take them out or is that another gregtech thing... ?
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    New Ultimate Pack in the Launcher 1.1.0

    Seems we have an update to the ultimate pack..Not sure what it does yet no announcement yet. As of this message that is...
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    Hmmm No More Blaze Rods Minium?

    Just curious did this get changed at some point... It was working before 1.02.. But now 2 blaze powder and minium stone does not make a Blaze rod.. NEI still says it does... But it won't work in a crafting table of any kind... Tried ender pearls with iron... And that works... Something is...
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    Malkuths Ultimate Feed The Beast Season 2

    Update 5/30/2013 Thats right I decided to do the work and prove that it is possible to change your feed the beast from 1.4.7 to Minecraft 1.5.2. And I did it.. At this point it is up and running.. Of course I don't have some of the mods anymore because they don't have a 1.5.2.. Most...
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    Interactive Buildcraft Pipes Tutorial Video

    Brand new Tutorial by malkuth1974 covering all the pipes in the Buildcraft mod.. Buildcraft is included in mod packs like Feed The Beast, and others. This is an Interactive Tutorial.. Pick your subject or pipe you want to learn about and be taken to that part of the video.. For this to work...
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    Railcrafts New Steam Locomotives And Double recipes

    Not yet in the current feed the beast but 6.15.2 add Double the rails for recipes now.. (ya more bang for buck) and new Steam Locomotives!!
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    BC Pumps dont seem to work On water

    Guess I will have to check if they change these but right now it does not seem the a Pump and Infi water works at all... At least with the combo of Pump, Liquiduct pipes. Lava still works... But it is also very picky with the amount of lava level it needs.
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    Lets Play FTB Building An Elevator And XP Farm

    Hey guys time for another episode.. :) This time I show my Elevator and how I built it and how it works.. Has some special parts in it to make it work a little different then most you might seen.. Uses Redpower Frames and is based of same princibles as my Quarry machine. And then there is...
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    Easy and Cheap Sorting Machine.

    Well its kinda cheap, but the way the system work its just the way it is. If you want a early, cheap sorting machine all you need to use is two mods.. Both are in Direwolf and Mindcrack. All you need is Barrels (as many as you need for items) Pneumatic tubes Redstone, or wire Transposer...
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    Tutorial RedPower 2 Frame Machine: Malkuths Tutorial Series

    Well I was asked to show how I built my Frame Quarry Machine in my lets Play series so I put this little tutorial together to help people out. :) Hopefully I explained things pretty well frames can be pretty picky and fun at the same time. And I did it almost under half hour.. Still seems to...
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    Mystcraft And Railcraft ANd Portals Beware.

    Seems we have a nasty little bug where if you use a cart to travel through a Mystcraft portal you will get a nasty little crash. So setting up those nice lava runs from the Nether to your Homebase is not a possibilty at this point. Not sure if its a mystcraft thing, railcraft thing.. (should...
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    No Sound Strange

    Well Been trying to fix this all night I have no idea whats up. But I have no sounds whatsoever. Launching from FTB no sound with direwolf pack.. NEW game even. Or launching from MultiMC No sound in my world at all. Launching regular minecraft with no mods.. = Sounds.. But not from any of...
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    Malkuth Plays Feed The Beast Season 1 And Tutorials

    Updated 3/1/2013