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    My Problem with Minecraft Recently

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get around it. Basically, my problem is that I simply can't get started. I get bored EXTREMELY quickly with mining and the other beginning stuff. I just want to skip to the point where I have automated...
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    Mods Updated to 1.6.X, The Beginnings of a Spreadsheet

    I am starting a spreadsheet as I search for mods that are updated. The base reason for this is that I want to play with Thaumcraft 4, but I don't want to leave my other mods behind :P The spreadsheet is here and is currently editable by anyone. At the time of posting this, there is no...
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    Old Feed the Beast Maps / Packs

    I'm looking for an old version of the FTB map and pack. The map itself was mostly the same (except for some of the challenges, of course, and MAYBE the spawn island, but I'm not sure on that), but the PACK was quite different. It had many more mods than the Retro pack does, including logistics...
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    Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines! (and a Let's Play)

    Muahahah I just made someone reinstall it. Anyway, I'm doing a Let's Play of this wonderful game on my youtube channel. The first video is here and the second is here. That's all I've got so far. I'm picking up with the next bit later today or tomorrow. I'm using the Clan Quest mod, which...
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    Narc's Mods

    Basically, I'm learning to mod, and I figured I should upload what I make, even if it's not hugely useful. Lamb Chops So for my first mod, I present: Lamb Chops. Yes, I'm aware it's been done before. This particular one was so I can learn the ins and outs of Forge events and such. I'm posting...
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    House / Base Designs?

    So, I've been using 9x9s for awhile, and I'm tired of it. I want to make something that looks nice. Except that I'm woefully lacking in that kind of creativity, except for when bridges are involved. So to that end, I'm looking for ideas for houses and bases that fit 2 main criteria: 1) It must...
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    GregTech Debate Thread

    Okay, guys, look. This is getting out of hand. Some of you like GregTech, some of you don't. I get it. But stop swarming every GT related thread with an argument about it. Put it all here. Keep it out of the other threads, please. KEEP THINGS CIVIL.I'm not a moderator, but I did start this...
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    Improbable Island

    Improbable Island is a text-based, in-browser game that is actually pretty fun. Like most browser-based games, you spend stamina to perform actions and gain levels and/or money, as well as the somewhat harder currency to get: Cigarettes. Unlike most browser games, II actually has a story, so it...
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    DUST514 Beta

    Anyone else get into the beta for this? I recently found an invite in my email so I've been playing it a bit and it's actually pretty fun. <Description Removed Because the NDA is Unclear>