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    Getting binnie mods to work with the latest version of railcraft

    So I have been trying to make Binnies mod to work with the latest railcraft for the past hour and it still just keeps crashing. I tried installing the binnie fix mod but minecraft stilled crashed. Please help.
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    With all the drama involved with Mojangs new model format I felt like it would be good to have a thread dedicated to it and all other 1.8 news involving modded Minecraft. So guys knock your selves out but do NOT start a flame war.
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    Modders that have left

    With all of the Microsoft drama I feel like having a modders left thread was a good idea. Feel free to help me add to this list. 1. Cpw- made FML: left because he didn't want to be involved in anything having to do with Microsoft 2. mDiyo- one of the main people who made tinkers construct: left...