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    Evolved + Mo creatures

    Title: Evolved + Mo creatures Launcher Version: latest Modpack: Infinity Evolved Modpack Version: 2.3.5 Log Link: Details of the issue: Hi guys I would like to get mo's creatures working with Infinity Evolved on my server now its been announced no major updates just bug fixes from here on in...
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    The state of 1.6 Modpacks

    Your pc is probably to old or not got enough RAM to run the mod pack you are trying to use. Try to run just the FTBLite2 pack, thats designed for low ram pc's. Monster for example is huge and is a challenge for all but fairly new pc's but great as has +170mods in it. Good luck :-)
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    Windows .exe No IC2 sound again. [solved]

    Thank you very much @LordDrache for your help. I remember turning it on a long time ago just presumed my configs were carried over when updating. Line 131 in ic2.cfg if anyone else is looking at this as you have same problem.
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    Windows .exe No IC2 sound again. [solved]

    running FTB unleashed v1.1.7 mincraft version 1.5.2 on a windows.exe For some reason after taking the latest update to the above i have stopped getting sounds for my jetpack and macarator so guessing its a IC2 thing. How would i go about turning the sound back on? has it just been disabled or...
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    A monster of a task ?

    Just asking a question. With the new mod pack rumoured to be called monster said to be replacing Unleashed can i just take the world file from unleashed and place in the new and improved mod Monster? or am i going to have to abandon the map? Is there a world converter to upgrade it if you...
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    Unsupported Magic Farm : 1.6.4 Bug Reports {PUBLIC BETA}

    Mod Pack: Magic Farm -- Cannot duplicate Mod & Version: Magic Farm 1.6.4 (or what ever recomended sends me into) Pastebin link to crash log: No crash Whats the bug? disapearing blocks Can it be repeated? Yep Known Fix: move out of desert While having a fly about a new world to see if this is...
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    Hello Captainnana, Thank you to you and the rest of the gang for working on FTB and making it a...

    Hello Captainnana, Thank you to you and the rest of the gang for working on FTB and making it a great product for people like myself to run a server for a few friends with little experience in making mods work together. can i just ask how stable is the 1.1.7 unleashed. is it worth moving up...
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    Problem FTB Unleashed and Twilight forest.

    Hi guys hope you can help, So we have just started a new world (Unleashed) and when we create a portal for the twilight forest we make a point of waiting for the portal to be created and hang back a while but now when we have gone into the portal all it takes anybody to is to thin air. it does...
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    Solved Spawn Point Moving Question

    Hi Guys thanks for your Advice I have found I can do it with MCedit and it don't corrupt a FTB world.
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    New Mod Pack Added

    In the client you can download the server files by changing the filter settings. so you download the files rather than the mod packs for your client. your just need to stick them on your server and start it up. Search the Forums there is a more in depth guide to help
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    Solved Spawn Point Moving Question

    Hi guys, [SOLVED] I am a new private server owner and would like some help please. So i have the perfect seed that I like so have put the seed number in the server properties, that i understand how to do. the problem is that i have is how do you set the spawn point? The default is in a stupid...
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    New Mod Pack Added

    ITs xmas cheeeeeeeese music lol......or at least i hope a short term thing lol