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    [Ultimate 1.0.1][Server] Issues with Chunkloaders and Thermal Expansion NullPointerException

    I'm posting this for my server admin because he's having problems with registering an account. I'm running a modestly sized server with about 10 regulars. Lately we've been having all sorts of issues related to chunkloaders. Here's a number of issues we've had show up: We've tried disabling...
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    Question about forestry bred trees

    Is there any way to obtain their leaves as a block? I'd like the cherry tree leaves to build with but shears dont seem to work on them.
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    Thaumcraft Research reset after update

    Does anyone know why all my research for thaumcraft has been reset after updating to mindcrack pack v8? I searched around and know it's tied to your minecraft login but it's the same login I've been using for the past month. Is there anyway to restore what I had before without having to cheat...
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    World wont load after updating Mindcrack v7 My world keeps crashing while loading since i updated to v7. Going back to v6 doesnt fix this problem and my creative world works fine. Can anyone tell me what's wrong or how to fix it?