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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    sorry, but how do you quote people like that? It's been a while since I posted on the forums and I forgot. Also don't be too impressed by that one room, it's literally the only part of my base that shows my immense wealth asides from the boring machine with the 256x tile accelerator next to it...
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Actually neither, the ceiling is black dye blocks from dye trees, and the floor is abyssal blocks. I also threw in some gaseous Tenebrae for extra effect. All the non fluid cells in there are 16mil. storage cells m8, good luck
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Well, I don't mean to brag but: Exacly 3,010 Storage cells in total, 1,210 of them are for liquid storage. This is obliviously overkill, but I love my me storage.
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    how to allocate more memory?

    actually, ftb needs more than 1GB of ram if you are runninga 1.6 modpack
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    Windows .exe help please!!!!!

    I closed the console and i dont know where it saves logs to. Sorry!
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    Windows .exe help please!!!!!

    it happens on every unleashed world i have ever played on at one point or another, i usually just write it off as ftb being unstable (which it is without a shadow of a doubt) but lately it has been happening more often. edit: maybe has something to do with me always having ftb wiki open in...
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    I am moving very slowly! (As if I'm on soul sand.)

    this may be a problem with your physical keyboard. If you are anything like me, it may have crumbs in it that are jamming a key down, or it may just be a stuck key. In any case, my guess is that your shift key is stuck down on your keyboard. Try using a different keyboard, or just disconnect it...
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    Windows .exe help please!!!!!

    I keep getting exception in world tick in FTB unleashed, no matter what i do, no matter what time. example: generating a force field, exception in world tick. walking around, exception in world tick. doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING , exception in world tick i have heard that downgrading to java 6 fixes...
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    RedPower Replacements?

    it has been said that it has many absurd bugs that cause crashes and corruption if you look in previous pages
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    RedPower Replacements?

    "There's no problem with FTB distributing RedPower, I like that modpack. I haven't forgotten about the update, either, just slow going." June 11 posted by Eloraam, must be pretty slow going, but at least we know she hasn't done the disappearing act on us also as a replacement option, Projectred...
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    Mystcraft Glitch (Urgent Help Needed!)

    I was playing in ftb Ultimate and I created an age using ocean biome, single biome, and oil modifier. When it finally made the age, all it was was blackness all around with snow falling out of the sky and constant lag spikes. I tried to use /kill since i was in creative and got no response. I...
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    Mindcrack iron vs xycraft tanks

    I never even used xycraft until end-of-life for ftb ultimate (always like RP2 so I never wanted to upgrade) I used it for about a week, then I upgraded to unleashed, and when i found out it didnt have xycraft I rage quitted.
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    RedPower Replacements?

    I found a uniqe method of lighitng if you are using unleashed. place liquiducts about 2 blocks apart and repeat through your whole ceiling, then melt 1 glowstone dust in a magma crucible that ios set to output liquid into a bc tank. Then connect two liquiducts to it. set one to extraction mode...
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    Free Bc Energy Plant

    my eternal power source= squid>ink sacs>bioreactor>biofuel>tank buffer>4 36 HP biolers>steam consumer>bc and/or ic2 hv producer>machines and ranchers.