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    Question About Natura and BOP

    Has any one found a Natura redwood in a BOP biome? I haven't, because they probably spawn in a specific biome that I haven't seen.
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    Gregtech and Overclockers

    Does someone have a chart or a spreadsheet that can show all of Greg's machines and how much EU/t it takes per overclocker added and whether it will require LV or MV or whatever.
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    Can someone help me with item ID conflicts?

    Is there a way to find out what item IDs I have conflicting? I know you can find out what IDs are empty, but I do not know of a way to find out if they are conflicting.
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    How do you UU

    I want to see how the community powers their Matter Fabricators or Mass Fabs and why thy use the lovely Ditto of FTB
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    ComputerCraft Code Writers

    Here is a thread I would like to post for people who need help with computercraft. A person can post their problem, and another person will come to their aid and write their program. Also, a little tutorial on how to make slight changes to that program to fit a persons specifications. Here is...
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    Puzzle Map

    This is my first time trying to create a puzzle map. I would love to have puzzle ideas. Perhaps a screenshot. Very early production.
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    LAN Server Crashes whenever I crafted a "elf".

    After I did this, I spawned it in, then deleted the materials. I then made a mining elf, and also crashed the server. Here is my crash log: