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  1. wildc4rd

    World missing after crash.

    Operating System and bit type: Debian testing, 64bit Java version/update and bit type: openjdk-7-jre, 64bit Launcher version: v1.3.2 Console log, link: Description of the Issue: I'm running Monster 1.0.3, I just accidentally put a pick through a crystal...
  2. wildc4rd

    CPU use in unleashed 1.1.3.

    Not sure if this is intended, but my CPU use has doubled (from about 25/26% to 50 odd) since I moved up to 1.1.3 unleashed, and my framerate has gone up by about 50%. Nothing else on the PC has changed as far as I know, has multicore support finally made it in?
  3. wildc4rd

    Switching off multiple (GT) machines at once

    I would like to be able to shut down my reactor support infrastructure on one switch if I need to (354 centrifuges/electrolisers). All are set up to be using 512HV, so switching the line in would be easiest if that is possible. Thanks in advance
  4. wildc4rd

    Fusion reactor problem.

    Hi all, just trying to place a fusion reactor, it looks right as I set it down, then I get the machine block texture after about 5 seconds, then the reactor 'goes wrong' the output face vanishes and the screen switches to the side. 3 screenshots follow, taken about 5 seconds apart just after...
  5. wildc4rd

    Optifine version

    I'm running FTB 1.4.7 at the moment, but the only version of optifine I see on their site is 1.4.6 (or 1.5+) Which one should I go for for 1.4.7?
  6. wildc4rd

    Latest update to ultimate (from Monday).

    I saw last night that there is a new version of ultimate, as I was offered an update. I clicked no at the time as I was in a hurry, but is it still compatible with my 1.4.7 world? Or is this the new 1.5 something release. Thanks in advance.
  7. wildc4rd

    Building a spire.

    I have a 21 square room on a current build that I am looking to finish with a nice spire. Does anyone have any nice designs, preferably using microblocks as well, that will take me from 21 square to one block over 60 blocks height. Thanks in advance!
  8. wildc4rd

    Making my EU work harder.

    Hi all, I'm cruising out of mid game now on our Ultimate server, and having trouble with my power use. Generation is sorted out with 15 Ultimate hybrids (boring, I know, but it works and I don't wish to worry about power this time through). I am running a number of the standard IC...
  9. wildc4rd

    Making a big hole, creative mode.

    Messing with some design ideas in creative, what is the fastest way to make a 45 x 45 hole, 70 odd deep?
  10. wildc4rd

    Turtles, and ender chests.

    I am at the point now where I have a comfortable facility, plenty of power and an automatic processing/sorting system. I want to start out with turtles to gather for me. My main question is, I use an ender chest and pouch to dump stuff into my sorting system, if it is on the same frequency, can...
  11. wildc4rd

    Removing Gregtech from existing world.

    Hi all, I'm a fair way into a new world, but have decided gregtech is not for me, I'm using mindcrack + mystcraft. Am I able to just pull gregtech out, and will the world survive? Or do I need to start over.
  12. wildc4rd

    'Leaking Worlds'?

    Afternoon all, since the last update I get this error message every time I log in, any ideas what I can do to remedy it? 2013-02-21 17:27:42 [SEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] Detected leaking worlds in memory. There are 4 worlds that appear to be persisting. A mod is likely caching the world...
  13. wildc4rd

    Redstone timer causing lagspike

    I'm using the mindcrack pack with added Mystcraft and Gregtech disabled. Is there a reason why the timer causes a lagspike every time it 'activates', even if it is not controlling anything?
  14. wildc4rd

    Most complete pack

    Hi all, I'm a good few hours in to a Mindcrack server (on a friends recommendation), only to find there is no Mystcraft! Which is the best pack to use that has everything?
  15. wildc4rd

    Quick Magmatic Engine control question

    Just a quick one, I have a fairly orderly pile of magmatic engines supplying my MJ needs, but have over-engineered somewhat to allow for busy periods. While any oversupply just goes right back into lava via crucibles, I'm also starting to get an oversupply of lava! What is the easiest way to...
  16. wildc4rd

    Magma crucible/general help

    Good afternoon all, started using FTB/Mindcrack a few days ago and have run into trouble. Specifically with the thermal expansion part I think. What I have at the moment is a 2000 bucket tank, 2 magma crucibles and 2 magmatic motors. It works well enough but I want to be able to do is feed lava...