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    What mods should I try/add to my modpack?

    So currently I have a pretty tried and tested set of mods I use, but I find I've used them all quite a bit, and so it's nothing new for me, and I want to try out some new mods. Any suggestions? Also this is merely content mods, things like Fastcraft I didn't take the time to mention as they...
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    Anyone understand what a "NoClassDefFoundError" is?

    Basically trying to add Mekanism to my private mod pack, but I can't seem to. I keep getting this
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    Help with making a compact timer

    So basically I'm completely lost with redstone and all that jazz, so I want to make a compact single tick pulse that goes off roughly every 80 seconds. I've tried PRC but I'm super confused about it. So help please?
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    Anyone Have a solution to 1.7.10 problem?

    So with Mekanism finally becoming 1.7 I wanted to get on the 1.7.10 Bandwagon. So I booted up the 1.7.10 forge installer installed it clicked play annnnd. It went back to the Minecraft launcher. After a bit of fiddling I couldn't get it to work, so I tried completely uninstalling and...
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    How do you create a real community?

    So, while scouring the forums for interesting threads and topics I came across the thread "What is "Too Much Grinding?" ". The thread's main focus was the topic of grinding, but an interesting point came up, how do you create an economy and a community that truly works together and thrives...
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    Crashing Problems- Help would be nice

    So I put together some of my favorite mods for my own pack, and I've been playing it fine for the last 2 weeks, but I've had this problem, where sometimes if I get hit by a splash potion of harming while poisoned (generally when I'm fighting witches) I crash. This happened once before and I...