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    [SMP] Endermen spawning and despawning

    Hi guys, here's my issue: I'm not sure this is related to the modpack itself, I think that's a server problem but here's what's going on. I just popped in the end portal to slay the dragon, and I realized that Endermen were spawning and instantly despawning. I have all the End full off...
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    [Ultimate] Indexer causing crash on a server Here's the crash log. I placed my indexer, I put some bees in it, I logged out, logged back in after a couple of hours and now every time I try to interact with it, I get that log.
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    Cracked modpack distribution

    I'm not sure if this is the correct section, I'm sorry if it's not. Before getting straight to the problem, let me tell you a very short story. I'm italian, and the modded Minecraft community here is "led" by a youtuber called Luke4316; he's now playing FTB, and that's really good, finally he...
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    [Soul Shards] Wither Skeleton head

    Here I am with another silly question. I've struggled for hours to reach a tier 4 shard for my Wither Skeleton farm, I placed my shard inside a cage, then let the Skellys fall for about 30 blocks and die happily. After a couple of hours, I noticed that not a single head was dropped by those...
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    New Enchantments

    So, I've never really got into enchantments and enchanting mechanics, but while I was enchanting my Vile Sword to get Soul Stealer, I got two new enchantments I've never heard about, Vorpal and Disjunction. What are these about? Are there any other new enchantments brought in by mods?
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    [Twilight Forest] Unknown Dungeon

    I haven't found anything useful in the wiki, nor in this forum, so here's what's going on. I've found this wonderful dungeon right next to my spawn portal. I've explored it but all I got were just some evil books, tons of zombie, but no interesting boss or loot. Does anybody know if something...
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    [Forestry] Tree aren't growing

    Setup: Here's what's going on: I'm playing on a server and I've set up a boiler powered forestry farm, all the wood collected ends up in a powered furnace and the charcoal produced get transported back to...
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    Best mystcraft mining age?

    I'm not that familiar with mystcraft and I have a question: is there a list of good ages to mine in? I mean, manually mining since I don't have the resources to build a quarry yet. In my overworld, caves are so damn rare, I still haven't found a forest biome (so no bauxite) and no oceans as well...
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    Wireless Restone (CB edition) for current 1.4.2 pack

    Here's my question, is there somewhere around the internet, a link to download a 1.4.2 verison of CB WR compatible with the current beta modpack A? I've looked around for half an hour and I couldn't find a link. I'm feeling pretty dumb right now and will surely feel even worse when someone will...
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    Mob grinder

    Hey guys! I've built a mob grinder in a void age for maximum efficiency, it's working perfectly (around 50 mobs per cycle) but I have a really big problem right now: I can't kill them. My void age is in eternal dusk, so solar panels won't work that well to keep an MFSU/MFE loaded to power tesla...
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    Windows .exe [Forestry] Logger does not output wood

    I have set up a pretty basic arboretum/logger system with a couple of peat fired engines; again, a really basic one, with just a couple of stone transport pipe coming out of the logger and endig up in chest two block away from the logger. After a couple hours of work, I checked the chest and...
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    Impossible to edit the IC2 Laser mode

    Has anyone encountered the same issue? M-right click does not edit the IC2 laser mode, it just fire a laser beam and nothing else. I checked the controls setting and it's all ok.