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    java paramaters for 1.7.10

    I am playing impactflux for 1.7.10 currently because the hqm is amazing in this pack also, learning the new thermal expansion is fun and being forced to try other pipes is cool too. using @Eyamaz old java paramaters post worked well for 1.6.4, but it seems that i get much better fps with these...
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    Agrarian Skies 3.1.1 question.

    Is anyone else having problems with extreme lag when having a few items laying on the ground? I didnt have this problem in the last version. If so, have you found a fix? I started a new world, and in my new world, so far, I have noticed this lag from drawing too many stacks from barrels. lag...
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    need moar stairs!

    Extra utilities, and Im sure a handful of other mods really need to have gravel road stairs. im sure that there are a handful of other blocks that need stairs, slabs, panels, covers, facades, etc. every placable solid block needs to have these extra parts. it's a serious setback without it. want...
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    odd message on bottom right.

    I'm playing Direwolf20 1.6.4, and happily mining away at my pretty mining shaft, and I notice the message 1xcobblestone in the bottom right. i kinda scrolled up and then disappeared. it reminded me of thaumcraft research but im not doing that yet. anyone know what this means?
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    mekanism ore processing plant

    i discovered a great mod. and its pretty fun trying to figure out how t use it, but i am hacing trouble automating it. say i want to put ore into my purification chamber, then into crusher, enrichment chamber, energised smelter. do i have to use pipes? i have tried setting them next to each...
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    mfr tree farm exploded?

    im trying to figure out why my farm exploded. i had an advanced solar panel powering it at 32 eu/tick. it was not keeping up, which was fine. i had it connected to a planter with jungle tree saplings, a harvester outputting to the barells, one barell sent saplings back to planter with wooden...
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    question about lava pumps.

    i am playing ftb unleashed 1.1.6(version probably doesnt matter). If i place a pump in the nether fueled with magmatic engine and piped with liquiducts into a tesserect will it continuously pump lava even when not required? Or will it only pump when something requests lava? overworld side, I...
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    Crash every time I die in Single player hardcore

    As the title explains, I prefer to play Hardcore mode, I play single player, because I do not have the bandwidth or the data plan to play online, I tried soft core, but I cannot play it because I have to delete the world when I die or switch to peaceful, because The compelling urge is so strong...
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    How did I get random rockwool?

    I was playing FTB Unleashed v1.1.6, and I found an unexpected rockwool in my powered furnace. Mu dog hss been playing on my machines. Is it possible slag was created from his...poop? Or did I accidently send slag from my induction furnace somehow?