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    Time to clear up a faulty rumour

    Ok, I've seen this posted more than once on the forums and I thought that this false information should be nipped in the bud. Tinkers Construct smelteries can still be generated in villages. They weren't removed from village generation. This may seem not to be the case but I assure you, they...
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    BoP Config for 1.5.2 Beta Pack

    Since there won't be an official config for the v0.7 beta pack I plan on working on one myself for people to use and would like some input on what biomes people would want left in or taken out. I have an idea for a few of them, but since I plan this as a general config the more input I get the...
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    Minefactory Reloaded and Soul Shards

    For a little while I was wondering what would happen if you mixed these two and have now come to the answer of it being really bloody strong when done right. You see, I was wondering if mobs spawned from the auto-spawner would count towards shard kills and they do! This may not seem like much...
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    What is this infernal contraption!?

    So, I just made this fairly simple, yet very evil device. Here's a pic: '][/URL][/spoiler] I'll give a cookie to anyway who can (rather easily) guess just what this device was designed to do and how effective it is at doing it~
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    Taking on a Large Hollow Hill

    So, on my latest world I managed to spawn my Twilight Forest portal quite literally next to a large hollow hill. I've managed to kill a few of those wraiths and even found the spawner, but sadly apparently soul shards don't seem to work on TF mobs. Anyway, any tips on how to take on this mob...
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    Methane from Charcoal?

    Earlier in slowpoke's stream I recall someone mentioning you could get methane from charcoal. Now, I might've misheard this as you can get carbon cells from charcoal after pulverizing it and other things, but if you can indeed get methane from charcoal, how? I know someone mentioned not all of...