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    I think my ME Network Threw Up

    Guessing it could be chunk load issue? Perhaps it was doing your task when you unloaded the chunk by leaving and it resorted to dumping stuff on the ground maybe?
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    Low FPS in Infinity, what's the bottleneck?

    I have a very old machine and I was getting periodic lag spikes on my single player game (wasn't a server issue). My solution was to change Journey map for Map Writer and the spikes went away. It was a solution that worked for me, but I don't know if it would work for your issue.
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    If you could add one thing to any mod...?

    One thing I could add to any mod? I'm probably reading this too literally, but I'd go for one of those books like Botania/Tinkers has that goes into glorious detail on how to use the mod.
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    Need to find a mineshaft/dungeon

    The Wither always drops one if I remember correctly. Jungle Temples, Desert Pyramids might have them. Finding mine shafts as you know is random and I have even less luck finding dungeons usually. But IF you have the ability to fly in game, you may get lucky and as you fly around the land scape...
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    Are there any Mining turtle prefabricated programs?

    I knew there was something wrong when I recognized people in the thread that don't post any more - usually...
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    Wow, I kinda like using a fishing rod myself.
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    Challenges/Goals For FTB Infinity

    Here's how I approached the 'what to do' phase. I looked at the mod list for the pack and wrote down any of the mods I had not used yet. Then armed with that list I did some vanilla preparations (food source, shelter, collect raw resources) and proceeded to tackle them one after the other. The...
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    MFR Steam Turbines dont output energy

    I saw a streamer trying to use those things and he indicated they worked with Ender IO conduit, but on stream he broke them and moved them to a room for them and the Ender IO conduit wouldn't connect any more to it. It seemed to be some kind of visual bug since he was noticing the RF power...
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    Modders that have left

    Minecraft 2 would be neato. Everything is round and there are no edges?
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    I heard that BnB was hazardous to your keyboard, mouse, fragile objects nearby and even some monitors. Best nerferize yer stuff before playing that pack.
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    Base Defense + Protection and your setup?

    I would build a small 5x5 area with a ladder going up to my main floor. The 5x5 area would be a trapdoor and glass all around so I can see what's outside before I go. Beat stuff through trap door if need be. Are you playing blood and bones? It get's a LOT more serious as to defenses in that pack.
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    What do you guys look for

    What is your youtube account so I can watch? (heh, I know, you're not putting that out yet - but I figure no harm asking) AND, entertaining is usually someone who enjoys playing the game.
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    How long do you caveman?

    Hmm... I first acquire food (any), wood, cobble, and torches my first day. Second day is digging down into the earth to get redstone, diamond, metals, and eventually obsidian. Third day is a trip to the nether to get glowstone, nether stuff, blaze rods if possible. After that is when i move...
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    Pranks you have played on other players

    I'm a fan of miniscule changes that MOST likely no one notices immediately. Example: Change a stone brick to a cracked stone brick. Or use a wrench on a chest and face it the wrong direction. Maybe modify a sign and put a typo in it. Things that only would affect a player with OCD. Moving a...
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    Aspects for research

    Each node you scan gives you some aspects. I made a mystcraft age using Single Biome, Flat, Extreme Hills, (Some other stuff that just made it easier - bright lighting, normal sun, moon, stars, weather ... And crossed my fingers. Got a flat age, always rains there ... sniff. the ground ----...
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    FTB Launcher getting removed by Norton

    Meh, AV software. I suppose if it stops something it's a hero, but most of the time it's just telling us to get off the mountain - it's about to blow! But, I like being on the mountain! So there's our problem. Norton doesn't want us to live on mountains, so we should move to coastal areas far...
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    Sacred rubber sapling "ruined" my world... what can i do?

    I really don't think people grasp the size of this tree. Even with the pictures, I don't think the size is in proper scope. It's a radius of 200 blocks, 400 blocks across through the center, the leaves go all the way up to 255 (build height), the base of the tree is SMALL approx 10x10 blocks...
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    Sacred rubber sapling "ruined" my world... what can i do?

    As a test, I made a lumber axe using TICO's. Head was Obsidian (3 Reinforced), rest of parts were paper. With 6 modifers available, made 6 obsidian plates. I think that got it to Reinforced IX. But, adding a diamond and a block of gold to get another modifier, added one last plate and now it...
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    Sacred rubber sapling "ruined" my world... what can i do?

    ALSO: MFR Harvester can harvest the entire tree given time and given that the server/game runs until it is finished.
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    Sacred rubber sapling "ruined" my world... what can i do?

    ... Go to your mods folder and add to the minefactory reloaded jar file .disabled at the end. If you boot up the game, EVERYTHING MFR related will be deleted IF you enter a chunk with anything to do with MFR. Not only will that get rid of the tree but it will do a number on your planters...