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    Problem Calcavias' MFFS + MCPC+ = Crash

    When I use Calcavia's MFFS Defense Station and it kills someone on my server, the entire server crashes. I'm using MCPC+ and it's conflicting with MFFS. Any fix?
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    Dimesional Doors Thread...

    Hello, FTB, I just checked out interdimensional doors and the dugeons with infinte doors inside, a door, inside a door, inside another door. God, those places are confusing. Some walls and floors are black so I can't see if there's that black block or just death... I was stupid enough to go...
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    I hate the new modpacks

    I hate the mods on the new modpacks. Unleashed is very good, but I like Gregtech, interdimensional doors and buildcraft and those things, and it's lacking it. On Unhinged... well, it hasen't got thaumbcraft and many other awesome doors Really, yours guys should mix up Unhinged and Unleashed...
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    Problem Exception ticking world. Crashing server badly.

    Well, I got this problem on the server. When it happens people can't break world or interact at all with world, but they can still chat (without running any commands, server "crashed" but chat didn't)
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    Private Pack MinecraftForce Unleashed-Plus HardcorePvP|Open|MCPC+|►►ZERO LAG, FOR REAL◄◄|NO BANNED ITEMS

    If you have got trouble joining reinstall your modpack Read the entire post! Instructions on how to: Custom Modpack Download launcher here: -Start launcher -Press "Install...