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    Problem (Solved) Butterfly Plague (1.7.10)

    Does anyone know how to control or limit forestry butterfly spawns in 1.7.10? Recently had to give up on my modded world due to an overpopulation of butterflies (LAG!). I lived on a rather large island and although they did not seem to be able to make it across the ocean they pretty much came...
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    What's the Reason Dimentional Doors is not in Unleashed?

    Question same as title, I'd like to add it (would just do it manually) but I vaguely recall someone saying it didn't get along with one of the other mods...and for the life of me I cannot recall which if any it was.
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    Very Anoying Puddles - Unleashed -

    So I'm building my usual (I usually build it the same way) thaumcraft tower and it starts to rain. I'm in the tower building the basement and when I come out the surface is COVERED in annoying little puddles....spent a while getting rid of them but they just come back every rain. Is there a...
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    Platinum Bees still bugged or is it just me??

    I've been trying for about two hours to breed the valuable bee. I've got the glittering queens and the ender drones, soulframes, and a spot out on the plains where they can live but so far all I get are ender/gold or gold/ender hybrids. I was reading that a name change a while back messed up...
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    Bee Breeding Woes

    So I just finished my first Alveary and no matter what I do I can't get it to automate. It either kicks the bees back rather than allowing them to enter or throws them out of the tube entirely (and since I was using my relitively fresh and few corroded bees to generate copper the throwing...