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    Old player returning to Minecraft... what's up?

    I used to play minecraft quite a bit but stopped playing sometime last year. I picked up an old 1.6 instance I had last week and had quite a lot of fun with it so know I am planning on making a new 1.7 instance. I have noticed some changes to familiar mods, like Thermal Expansion and a whole...
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    Automated Essentia with a cross-mod twist

    Automating Essentia Transport with Factorization Servos Factorization servos can be used as movable deployers thanks to the robotic arm. Using this principle, a servo can use a phial to move essential from alembics to jars. Emptying the alembics A servo first needs to pass some alembics with...
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    Loads of Eggs

    Is there a good way to get loads of eggs quickly without having to spam hens? I need as many as I can get hold of but I only have a 5*5 area to work with and I want to keep as few entities around as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mekanism Gases in machines

    Hello all, I am having fun progressing through mekanism and I am setting up the highest tier ore processing. I was wondering if there was any way to measure the amounts of gas inside machines (preferably with some redstone interface). I would like to do this so that if there is no sulfuric acid...
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    What tools do you carry?

    Whatever stage of the game you are in, whatever mods you have installed, I would like to know what tools you are using. What tools do you consider necessary to carry with you almost wherever you go? Are you currently working towards a dream toolkit. I am using: An unenchanted Bound sword...
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    Blood Magic and Steve's Factory Manager

    I have seen a lot of people semi-automate Blood Magic crafting with Translocators. I wanted to copy this but, well here comes the admission. I am a wimp and I don't like fighting mobs. Grinding for nights on end to get ender pearls is not how I want to spend my evenings. The advantage of...
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    Nicer signs with CC monitors

    Signs are all well and good. They get the job done. But sometimes, you have built a nice futuristic looking room and they look totally out of place. I was motivated to make this computercraft program to solve 2 problems. 1. Make nice looking signs that can be customised 2. Sooth my sorrow for...
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    Modded minecraft save files.

    I have been building a map and in creative mode and I want to get it ready for survival play for me (and possibly others via map download). I want to prune the save file to get rid of things like Thaumcraft research and scanning Ender chest/tank contents Wireless redstone frequencies...
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    Computercraft: How to get it done

    Work in progress Computercraft can be a really fun mod that is extremely versatile. All that is required to get started is a few basic minecraft resources and some Lua know-how. This guide will not be a complete guide on how to code in Lua. There are plenty of guides out there on the internet...
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    Pumpkin Power (pictures)

    This would have been so much better if I had though of it near Thanksgiving. In my one of my other threads I was going through some of the stuff I had done in a build when I realised it had some general potential interest. A completely renewable, cross mod, quirky power gen system based on...
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    Factorization Servos: Practical Applications

    Factorization servos look really cool and seem like they have a ton of potential but they aren't very intuitive (imho). So I am making this thread in the hope that some good documentation can be collected. I hope that others will contribute with their own servo knowledge and applications. Also...
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    Arendelle Castle (from the movie Frozen) Pictures

    The Castle of Arendelle The castle is now all but finished. I am very happy to have it done. Gonna spend a bit of time making sure I haven't missed anything, but yeah, it is basically finished. WIP not any more! Last Christmas, I went to the cinema to watch Frozen. Then I went to see it...
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    In game documentation for computercraft peripherals (special open peripheral support)

    PSA: Computercraft updated recently which is nice. It was a really cool update too with plenty of awesome new toys (and an excellent new Windowing API). That along with the updates to Openperipherals may have broken this program so be warned. I haven't had a chance to test it myself though but...
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    What exactly is offensive about being told to play in creative mode?

    Occasionally on these forums people get told stuff along these lines. (I have never said any of this myself nor am I quoting anyone in particular - just paraphrasing) 1. "Why not just go off and play Gregtech " with maybe a couple of extra ruder embellishments or 2. "Uh, the crop gatherer...
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    Factorization - Wrath Fire

    Hello all, I am playing around with factorization and I am really enjoying the new material (just working up towards getting some servos going). I know how to get Dark Iron in the new versions but I do miss the old wrath method. It looks like wrath stuff is going away in general (except the...
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    Direwolf 20's Season 6 Lets Play

    I am sooo excited!!! Well, the first episode aired a couple of hours ago and I didn't see much on the forums so I thought I would start a thread. To kick things off, I am pleased he is settling in one of my favourite biomes and there are a few mods on the mod list that I am really looking...
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    Railcraft Item Depot with some computercraft stuff

    I have been going heavily into railcraft recently and have tasked myself with building the perfect train yard. That will probably never happen because I am not the best builder but I have been doing a couple of things recently which I thought were good enough to share with the community. Please...
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    Minecraft skins

    Where do you get Minecraft skins from. I would like to get one but I am worried about getting one from somewhere disreputable. I know I can make one myself too, and I might unless if I get a good suggestion. Thanks everyone
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    Deep Storage Unit and Open Peripherals + 1 other question

    Hello, I was hoping to make a computer program whereby a computer would scan 4 adjacent dsus and collate the data into a table and return that to a central computer which could use the data from many of these computers to give me a detailed breakdown of my storage. I used the getStackInSlot...
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    Mass Effect Inspired Ship - WIP

    I am currently building a base which is inspired by the Normandy-SR2. Due to a few limitations (decorative blocks available in my modpack, building mostly from memory, default texture pack), I have had to take some artistic license. I want it to eventually be a functional base where I will move...