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    MultiMC5, no sound whatsoever

    I tried to use MultiMC5 just to find out that the sound wasn't working. There's no sound! When I click a button in the screen, no sound. No music. No mob sounds. Now, I've been able to diagnose the problem (MultiMC can't download a few things from Mojang - namely, the sound and music), but I...
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    Modded CTM Map?

    Both KirinDave and goreae have already thought of this idea, but I was thinking - how the hell would something like that look like? Black Mesa-like, with a post apocalyptic lab? Or more exploration based, like Xen'Drik from Eberron? What do you guys think? Would you play one?
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    Merry Christmas, everyone, and a Happy New Year

    It's that time of the year where the year is ending and we all go to that relatives' house or they go to your house to indulge in Christmas food, gain presents and be forced to talk to people you don't want, and I have to say, thank you all (especially those from the NTT and the NTF, and the...
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    D&D 4e

    Yeah, I know, 4e is 5 years old now, but heck, after I started joking around with Saice about 4e in a thread, I thought that maybe we could (or could not) have a thread for nonsensical discussion, jokes, feats, more jokes, gold pieces, even more jokes and Wintertouched+Lasting Frost+Frost Weapon...
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    Werewolf - GPuz is insane edition! - Game has started! Announcements will come soon!

    This isn't your normal werewolf. While it only has 4 basic roles ("Survivor" (aka villager), "Killer" (aka Werewolf), "Detective" (aka Seer) and "Bodyguard"), it has a plethora of items and a twist. First, to the twist! Since this game happens in a cave complex, there are rooms you will travel...
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    Chocorate predicted the future!

    This was him, quoting a post I made (which was actually the first post I made that got a like). This was back in April (4/4/13, to be more precise). What happened to Buildcraft? In 1.5, oil was now burnable if it hit fire. In 1.6, we recieved the flood gate, which allowed liquids to be placed in...
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    Best Teacher You've Ever Had?

    Just like the "I Hate That!" and "I Love That!" threads, this is a companion to the "Worst Teacher You've Ever Had?" thread made by J. Mine was last year's algebrae/geometry teacher. Not only I do like math, we also have this "advanced math" course which happens after class, twice per week...
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    Opinions on FTB 1.6?

    While it's not released yet, Forgecraft 2 has started, Greg is now an IC2 dev (and it seems Thunderdark has ideas similar to Greg's), TE has moved to its 3.0 version - and possibly it will skip a generation, MFR hasn't been updated yet, and the bee nerf is scary. What is your opinion on the...
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    Spambots III - please, no Godmoding BS, this is survival

    After the first went bonkers after Ex fired an interdimensional portal and the second one was bonkers the minute someone started Godmoding, I decided that we should have one for people like me, Jess and Lia, who are tired of this elemental sword bullshit. It is essentialy that. A spambot-RP...
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    If X was a Dalek

    Simple game. Here, have an example: Person 1: Isaac Newton. Person 2: If Isaac Newton was a Dalek, he would shout "DERIVATE!". Nicolas Cage. Person 3: If Nicolas Cage was a Dalek, he would shout "INTERPRETATE!". Brian May. NOTE: The person can be fictional or not - or not even a person. And so...
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    Why isn't Factorization compared to TE or IC2?

    I've always seen TE vs IC2 wars, which are, frankly, stupid. The main reason people compare TE to IC2 is due to Pulverizer/Powered Furnace and Macerator/Eletric Furnace. But Factorization also adds that. So why people never bring that during the flame wars? I know it has to do quite a bit of...
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    The Zombie Survival Story I Should Have Posted 20 Days Ago

    Does anybody remember this? You know, the one with the ships and stuff? I was rewriting the 2nd chapter, which sucked (could have been better - Choc gets a little bit more of time to talk) and the 1st chapter, which I lost 20 days ago, was going to rewrote, but I was 2 weeks in another country...
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    Thoughts on MFR

    So, we've all toyed with MFR by now (and if you haven't, you should). Any opinions on the mod? And yes, PowerCrystals is an awesome mod dev.
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    Epic Chat Moments

    Was there any time, while you were playing on a server, and someone commented something on the chat that made you laugh out loud? Some examples from me: Cat3148 (also known as Chrissy/Naomi): "I wish this plate bending machine looked better, but if it did, it would probably steal my wallet."...
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    MFR Planter Problems?

    Well, it is not working. Inventory full of saplings, doesn't want to plant. Yes, I am providing power to it.
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    If YOU had only one mod to take out of Ultimate, forever, what would it be?

    Voxel doesn't count FYI. Mine would be Secret Rooms. Sure, it's good for sneakey schtuff (yes that was mispelled on purpose), but why do it if you can just shield yourself in a MFFS Forcefield or TONS of Arcane stuff. Or Petrogen, it's obsolete due to GregTech.
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    Anyone else being unable to play Ultimate?

    Apparently the my Ultimate is getting GregTech errored like there is no tomorrow, I can't even play it! Seriously, everything is initialized and GregTech gets errored. Does anyone has any idea that can solve it? Like updating the launcher?
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    Is the Block Breaker OP?

    Seriously, by the low cost of five planks, four iron, two redstone and eleven cobble, you have something unbreakable and faster than a diamond pick and as efficient as, but cheaper. So, let me ask, do you think it's OP? I think it's a bit, but the preparation time is much longer, so that's a...