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  1. Reika

    RC/ReC/ElC/CC Policy Changes

    As some are already aware, I have been debating and discussing some potential changes to my third-party modifications policies. For those not aware (or who wish to be reminded): Due to the backlash that the rules have generated, and the fact that I have since realized means with which I can...
  2. Reika

    Getting opinions on RotaryFlux and my responses

    OK, for those unaware, a user named "wendian" has recently made a mod called "RotaryFlux", which makes all of RotaryCraft fully RF-native. This is not a new converter engine, this is direct conduit-to-machine connections. I have spoken out against this, and have asked the author not to release...
  3. Reika

    RC/ReC/ElC/CC Policy Change Suggestion - Your thoughts?

    Someone came to me with a suggestion regarding my modification policies, with the aim of satisfying both the people who want some flexibility and the people who know the problems unrestricted modifications cause. The suggestion is as follows: I lock down the recipes for a few, specific, "there...
  4. Reika

    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    While I work on proper documentation for ChromatiCraft, I thought it might be a good idea to create a thread where people can ask questions about ChromatiCraft and where I can answer them, to serve as both a preliminary knowledge base and to provide explanations beyond that which will be...
  5. Reika

    "Why does mod X do Y?"

    This thread is primarily for mod developers to explain their reasoning behind decisions they feel would be (or actually have been) controversial. It is also so players can "see both sides of the story", not just complaints about the aforementioned decisions, and so they can discuss the decisions...
  6. Reika

    Automatically removing items from inventoried items?

    I have a bit of a conundrum I would like to solve in my play world. I have lots of items that store other items - like force pouches, MystCraft notebooks, Strongboxes, Golden Bags of Holding, and so on - and would like to not get carpal tunnel by shift-clicking all of the contents (some...
  7. Reika

    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    I agree with this, so here it is. Feel free to suggest anything reasonable in terms of content additions or modifications. Under no circumstances am I obligated to include anything suggested on this thread. If I do reject your idea, I will explain my reasons for doing so, but do not get...
  8. Reika

    ComputerCraft + MFR Rednet Not Interfacing?

    I am trying to use MFR rednet with ComputerCraft's color API; Everyone says the two work, but I cannot get the computer to actually send or receive signals. Here is the test setup. The orange lever is on, and the rs.setBundledOutput("right", colors.white) has been set. But the white lamp does...
  9. Reika

    Cliffs of Dover in SSP (Legitimate)

    Well, I decided to make my shoreline more appealing. Before: After:
  10. Reika

    How to Transfer 4000+ Items Per Second

    I needed inter-dimensional item transport that could keep up with 27 maxed-out Borers in my survival world. Here is the prototype that I came up with. Surprisingly resource-cheap (though very expensive on power), too. The creative strongbox represents the Borers. In reality, each borer would...
  11. Reika

    Future of GeoStrata and DyeTrees

    I am toying with an idea for 1.7: Both DyeTrees and GeoStrata have been drifting away from their roots and towards more "magical" properties. Would it be a good idea to move the crystals, plants, and guardian stone from GeoStrata to DyeTrees, and rename that mod into a more magic-like name? This...
  12. Reika

    Easy-To-Use ComputerCraft Support?

    I am adding ComputerCraft support to my machines, and I have a set of functions already callable on them. However, the calling and the received data...their formatting leaves something to be desired. Is there a better way to do this?
  13. Reika

    An Eldritch Abomination from Below the World

    I finished a mod that I have had planned for a long time. It adds a creature - rather, a monster - into the void which will pursue you for as long as it lives (and will respawn later if killed). Due to the bedrock, it is (normally) not a direct threat, but the ambience it adds to the deep...
  14. Reika

    User-Friendly or Not?

    I recently designed the GUI for my music box - basically an integrated noteblock circuit, because the old one sucked: Here is the new one, with the buttons replaced with a piano keyboard and individual buttons for each channel and voice. Also, the channels are color-coded and options are...
  15. Reika

    Would you build this?

    Imagine you had a potential source of energy so powerful that it eclipsed the generation capabilities of everything else in the game, capable of being pushed to 5 million RF/t and beyond. However, this power comes at a cost - the necessary structure is large, complex, and expensive...