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    How do you go and progress through FTB Monster

    Guys I really need some help here, So I've been playing FTB since very early on and I've loved the modpacks up until ultimate. I had an ultimate world for about a year now and It was amazing!! Automatic Diamond Bee Farms, 100 UUmatter a second, a infinite supply of every power (that includes...
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    What the ultimate energy source in DW20 pack?

    Well you see the boiler produces steam which has to be hooked up to industrial steam engines which produce 72 mj/t from a single boiler. It can be compacted to 39 blocks each cubic meager makes 2 mj/t the whole thing thought the boiler on takes up 30 cubic meters which would be 2.4 mj/t.
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    What the ultimate energy source in DW20 pack?

    That's what I just said :PThe emoticon I used looks different from what the text looks like ( I didn't even attempt to use it) derp
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    I like my old IC2

    I agree but you might just have to make the best of it. I did the same thing you did with dartcraft and extra utilities and I found myself being left behind and until I learned to accept them I was stuck in past.
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    What the ultimate energy source in DW20 pack?

    I would recommend a Steve's carts tree farm producing wood being turned into charcoal by a induction smelter. The induction smelter would be supplied by pumping lava from the nether. The lava would go into 5 geothermals. That should power 1 induction (make sure the induction furnace has a red...
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    Worlds Deleted No Backup HELP

    I was playing FTB Unleashed when I decided to add easy gregtech so I log off my world launch the FTB launcher and I go into the unhinged mod file. I hadn't launched it yet so there were no mods in it. I go to launch it but it says I'm not logged in so I select my profile and play. I launch the...
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    Whitelist Server ♥Pidcraft - A casual survival FTB Ultimate server for building fun, exciting communities!♥

    Hello I am applying, Minecraft Name: Smalls00 About Myself: I like all the mods in FTB but I am very good with MystCraft, Forestry and Industrial Craft 2. A hobby of mine is coding in javascript Donate: Unfortunately I cannot donate but this is more than likely to change Do I agree to the...