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    FTB Direwolf20 1.10 Resource pack

    Just curious as to when we can expect some resource packs for the newest Direwolf20 modpack in the launcher itself. I personally am more interested in Faithful 32x as it keeps the natural minecraft feel. If anyone has information it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Whitelist Server Pokecraft Infinity|Infinity 1.1.0|Whitelist|New community

    IGN (minecraft username): SniperSkillz812 (my 12 year old self chose that) Skype (optional): samdaman812 Age: 15 Where do you live? (Country/State): New Zealand Current date and time: 9th of February 2015, 6:19pm How long have you been playing mods?: Ever since the release of Beta 1.8.1 Why do...
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    Whitelist Server LightCraft|Unstable 1.0.8|Whitelist

    App- Ign: SniperSkillz812 How often are you on: Everyday Have you ever been banned, if so why: Nope, Never Age: 15 Minecraft expertise: Ive been playing minecraft since 2011 and started with mods 2012 Other: I am from New Zealand.