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    The Strange Case of Mystic's Computer - Seeking Solutions

    For those of you asking for a forge log, I'll try again today and see what happens (WIll use FTB Lite 3.) EDIT- Here's the log Yes, the game did not crash. However, it becomes unplayable upon creating a world.
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    The Strange Case of Mystic's Computer - Seeking Solutions

    That does look like a good idea, but I run into some problems: - I'm entering school next year, and I need a laptop to do work, as well as play. - This current laptop is a birthday present. Asking to return it... well, may not go over well with parents. However, it is still an option as I do...
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    The Strange Case of Mystic's Computer - Seeking Solutions

    I've tried it at everything about 1.5GB. 2.5GB,3GB, up to 3.75GB, which is the max setting. Still doesn't work ;-;
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    The Strange Case of Mystic's Computer - Seeking Solutions

    I've tried to find the crash log and it never creates one. Also, I have the newest Java (Java 8 or whatever). Both of the laptops are Windows 8.1. Yes, it is a 4400, and the CPU is Intel Core i3-4030U @ 1.90GHz. Slightly worse than the one you just listed. I get about 80 FPS on vanilla. No...
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    The Strange Case of Mystic's Computer - Seeking Solutions

    Normally I'd start this with a joke or something, but this has got to the point when I want to pull out my hair. Let's go back about a year, when I played FTB several hours a day on the 1.6 Direwolf20 modpack. The laptop I was using had an i3 Processor, 4GB RAM, and an Intel 4000 Graphics card...
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    If there's one thing I've realized while looking at this thread, It's that the community of Feed the Beast, and modding in general, is pure awesome. Yes, we have some bad apples, but every community does. We just so happen to have fewer than most. Whenever someone makes a post asking for help...
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    Fish can roll.

    Fish can roll.
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    1001 things to do in modded minecraft

    49. Start a Flame War over some stupid bug that was fixed 15 versions ago 50. Make a mod 51. Get people to like said mod 52. Give it to your friend to use on their server 53. Put DRM in the mod without telling anyone that makes the game crash when (Insert some big-name mod) is present 54...
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    1001 things to do in modded minecraft

    45. Get 16 of every Drone, Bee, Serum, Larvae, Sapling, Pollen, and Butterfly (All Pristine), fill up the Apiarist Database and Arborist database, AND fill a 64k ME Drive with Combs of any type. Use Extra Bees and Extra Trees, as well as Binnies Genetics mod. No Gendustry <3
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    The case of the curious framerate.

    All settings are turned down to as low as possible. Also, would buying more RAM help?
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    The case of the curious framerate.

    Well this is quite odd. So, I thought it'd be fun to come back to FTB after a couple month hiatus (Buncha new games and life), and knew that the new DW20 Pack was out. So, I decided to download it and attempt to boot it up. Download= Went by quick, but preparing the minecraft .jar files took...
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    What are the Worst crimes you have done in FTB

    Actually it kinda is. That bee can get you banned from a server if you use it, and everyone will hate you forever. YOU HAVE BROKEN THE SECRET. WHY?!?!
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    What are the Worst crimes you have done in FTB

    If you know what the bee is, yes. But be warned I almost got banned because of it, and my friend wouldn't talk to me for a week.
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    What are the Worst crimes you have done in FTB

    I thought it would be funny. Went over to a friends house on a DW20 server and made a little contraption underneath his door. Apiary with a certain bee inside( Won't say which for safety of FTB) that spawns an ***** ****** when you drop a ****** *** next to it Put the ****** *** inside a...
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    Casual Server Modded Minecraft | 1.7.10 Direwolf20 v1.0.3 | [GriefPrevention] | [Little Banned] | [Morphs]

    10/10 would build moria again. I've been around for about two-ish years but decided to take a break, but I'm planning on returning. If you're looking for a ridiculously hilarious community will of amazing people this is it right here. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of FTB or a veteran...
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    "[STDOUT] You have some mods with DRM, you must remove these to continue"

    The first half of this thread is reallllllly drama-inducing, but somehow we're now talking about tracking who placed down a block of TNT on a server using RC. FEED THE BEAST FORUM THREADS, EVERYONE.
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    Peat Creepers...

    *Braces for all the noobs asking "Wut ez peet* In all seriousness, that would be an overpowered mid-game source of power and possible end game if you overkill it. Perhaps they could drop something that has to be processed into peat?
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    Sources of Power

    Never played Monster, but if it has Big Reactors or Advanced Generators either one is a good option. Advanced Generators uses alot of iron I think and uses liquid fuel, like ethanol or BC fuel to generate RF or EU.
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    Thaumcraft Automation

    What do you mean by automation? A while ago I thought of automating the infusion altar for multiplayer purposes (shops and such), but I'm only now beginning to look more into it.