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    Is there any hope for me?

    Ugh, i have tried all the things. I cannot play infinity or even direwolf20 becuase i lag so bad! I really need help with this. My specs: Intel Celeron dual core 2.14 ghz 4 gigs of ram 3.89 usuable Intel Graphics I allocate 1.75-2.25 on the launcher and i always get <10 fps. Someone has...
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    An idea: Small kitchen sink packs

    I really think we should have an official FTB pack for us 4-gigers. I don't know about you, but my computer cannot run infinity or even direwolf20, even on a server. The problem is, I want to have a good kitchen sink pack that I can play with friends on a server, but there isn't any small...
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    Trinith Experimentum

    Trinith Experimentum Explorer of Worlds Pronounce TRI-nieth EXPERI-mentum Welcome brave explorer to the world of the Experimentum. For years the land has been in peace, powerful kind rulers commanded the land. Until Morgoth, the great enemy, corrupted our home and sent the most powerful mage...
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    The village construction/mayor challenge!

    For a long time, modded minecraft was boring for me. Just the same progress over and over and over. So I came up with this challenge, The villager construction/mayor challenge! The reason I say "construction/mayor" is because it goes by those two names. Rules: 1. You must find an already...
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    Request Looking for advice/help for my modpack "Consume"

    Hey guys! I am working on a new modpack called "Consume". It is a HQM skyblock-ish plack focused around bees/plants/magic/minor tech. The player starts out in a village in the sky on a flatlands world. The player is told through HQM that the player has lived here for many years. There are...
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    Question about Minetweaker and Non-Terrian-gen mods. (Read before you ignore)

    Hello there! First of I would like to thank you guys with the optimizing my RAM thread. I can finally play modded minecraft without lagging horribly. So, yesterday I started a modded minecraft world, got a good base set up and the like. Now, I feel comfortable with adding more mods but I don't...
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    Help optimizing my RAM

    Hello, so I have a four gigabyte 64-bit windows computer and I have 3 dedicated to ftb. Usually I cant run packs like infinity or even direwolf20 because I lag so bad. Do you have any recommendations for how I can optimizing my RAM?
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    So hey. I want to make a private modpack for a friend of mines server, but I don't know how I handle permissions on a private pack. The directions in the main thread aren't clear on how to do a private pack. So any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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    [HQM][Extremely Hard]Demons Of Darkness: A Hardcore Pack. FIX IS OUT! NOW PLAYABLE!

    Hello, and welcome to my newest pack: Demons Of Darkness. This pack will test your limits. Don't be surprised if you die within the first five minutes! This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made...
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    Looking for a light pack, but not like FTB lite

    Hi, everyone. I have a problem. Everytime I try to play any modpack that's big, I get 5 fps average. Even with fastcraft. So I am looking for a lightweight, open world modpack with 50-90 mods. Does anyone have a pack like this or a solution for my lag? BTW, I have a intel processer 4 gigs. 2.25...
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    Project: Oblivion. A WIP HQM Jampacked 2 Modpack (Phew)

    Introduction Hey guys. For the next 2 and a half months I am going to be working on this modpack. This modpack is unlike most others. This pack Is about everything and nothing. Toil will consume you, but is it meaningless? You will soon find out. Good luck saving the universe. Credits: -...
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    good mods for a light weight pack?

    Just what the title says. I have been working on a pack for me and my sister to play together. My sis has never played modded minecraft b4 and she has a 32 bit computer. So is there any good light weight mods out there?
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    If you can help me, i will <3 you forever.

    Ok I am dire need of help. Me and my sister have been playing modded minecraft together. Problem is, she can only allocate 1 GB of ram, so we can only play 3 different mods at once. (Content mods, not essentials like NEI and WAILA). Our computer has 3GB of ram and I was wondering if it is any...
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    I need some omtimization

    So, everytime I try to run a modpack it lags like crazy and is unplayable for me. I was wondering how I can optimize my gameplay. Prossecer: Intel Celeron RAM: 4 gigs, 3.89 available Java version: 1.7.0_75 Current memory used for FTB: 3.75 gigs Help would be appreciated!
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    Refugee to regent challenge pack [WIP][HQM]

    This is a fan made modpack for the R2R challenge. Find the challenge discussion here: About: This pack is a fan made pack centered around HQM. The storyline works with the guidelines in the R2R...