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    Processing recipe not showing for refined storage

    When I go to shift click a recipe into the grid for say, a iron plate, the iron does not appear in the grid. The pattern will still write to it just fine, but this is extremely problematic for items that are similar, yet different, and with no way to add them it causes an issue. Anyone got a...
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    Problem Gregic Additons crash while loading ... any work arounds?

    The game crashed whilst there was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail Error: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderExceptionModCrash: Caught exception from Gregic Additions (gtadditions) Works fine by itself as only mod/mods installed, but some conflict in the...
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    Advanced Rocketry Electric Arc Furnace?

    Is this thing always mind numbingly slow? I have the 3 iridium coils in it as it can take, and it still takes incredibly long to make 1 silicon. I was kind of expecting it to be much quicker. There a way to speed this thing up that i'm unaware of?
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    1.12.2 extreme reactors automation help

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to automate turning on/off the reactor when the internal buffer reaches a certain point. I am using the dw20 pack with a few extra mods added. I knew how to set it up when redpower/project red were in the pack but a littlw lost now, and not sure how to do it with a...
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    Problem Ender I/O Micro Infinity > RF

    Am I correct in assuming that it doesn't convert? Or if it does, it isn't accurate? The reason I ask is because I have a Tier 5 Solar Panel from Thermal Solars, that puts out 256 rf/tick. My setup goes as follows: Solar > 3 conduits > TE energy cell > 2 conduits > Simple Sag Mill/Redstone...
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    Request Does anyone have a good Nuclearcraft reactor design?

    I am not entirely sure how they work but I am looking for a good design.
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    Problem Crash when launching

    Recently updated my pack, and added a few mods and their prerequisites. My launcher crashes midway through the loading process and was wondering what could be causing the issue. All I added was Blood Magic, Thaumcraft, Thermal Innovation, and Ender IO. Was working fine before hand :(
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    Causes of massive tick rate lag on my server

    Keep in mind that I play solo on my server . I have restarts scheduled every 12 hours, and immediately after a restart it is fine, but the following screenshot was taken about 7 hours after the restart, and tick rate is down to 12, with tick time up to 82.8 ms. I have 4 gigs on the server...
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    Draconic Fusion Crafting Automation

    As you can see above everything is connected. Yet there is no button here to start the craft. There is ample power there. Also each injector is set to only take 1 item per interface. I am trying to autocraft the Awakened Core which takes 5 awakened ingots, and 4 Wyvern Cores with the...
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    Anyone have a rainbow generator? I got a question about automation

    All 16 generators are automated, either fully, or almost fully. My problem with the rainbow generator, likes with controlling the 16 with redstone. I have them all set to redstone = on, so no signal is off. Yet for some reason they keep burning their fuel after that initial redstone pulse...
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    Don't know why I built this T8 energy core

    But I did. Bucket list item checked off. T4 void miner with purple laser lens helped. Netted me almost 12k draconium in about 10 hours (I got 3x ore with TE). Other things to do: - Draconic Reactor - 5x Mekanism Ore Processing - See how much RF/tick I can church out, lol. Before After
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    Anyone got a decent setup for a decent RFTools ender dragon dimension and drac bow settings?

    I got the draconic bow, and max upgrades, but not sure what settings to roll with that will kill them quick (fast shots), and not cost millions of rf per shot. I do got the infinity enchant on the bow. Not sure what other enchants should/could go on the bow/armor Also ... I did have a desert...
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    EU2 Enchanter not working. .... Am I doing something wrong??

    I got more than enough blocks set up for it, and it is powered as well with a wireless crystal. Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong here? I am trying to make some enchanted metal.
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    Problem Does anyone get logged out using the Twitch launcher?

    Basically it goes like this. I select my modpack from the twitch launcher. I then choose play. Quite often (more often than I'd like) I have to resign in. Thinking it might be password related, I changed it. It is still occuring. While it isn't terribly hard to take care of, it is getting...
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    Are there any Minecraft challenges similar to the old bedrockium one?

    Old bedrockium one is here >> But is there any others that might be adaptable to 1.12.2?
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    1.12.2 Power Generation

    Direwolf20 pack Resources aren't a problem. I got 5 maxed out dynamos using refined fuel, that are producing approximately, 3.5k. Also I have 2 tier 1 ET solar panels producing approximately 1.1k rf. This is barely enough to sustain my base if I run more than 1 void miner. If I turn all 4 on...
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    Has anyone had this issue with autocrafting in 1.12.2

    2 seperate issues, both dealing with autocrafting. 1. When crafting enderium blend, for some reason the induction smelter sucks in whole bars (even though the recipe calls for blend). 2. When crafting larger quanties of items (say a stack or more) the system gets gummed up (especially larger...
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    Problem Circular dependency! Loop in processing

    As you can see in 1 screenshot, if I craft just 1 at a time, this is fine. The problem lies when I try to craft 5+ of these that I get the above error. I've redid the recipes multiple times just to ensure that things were on the up and up, and still this happens. I can create 1 stack plus at a...
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    AE vs question

    Both have a crafting gris. Both have a pattern grid. AE i can put the patterns where i want them remotely via the interface terminal. To my knowledge i cant with rs. Anyone got a possible workaround unless im overlooking something?
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    1.12.2 ender lily farm?

    Just looking for a way to automatically farm them using DW's 1.12.2 pack. Industrial Foregoing doesn't seem to do it with their planters like MFR did