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    Streaming FTB Monster with addons

    Strictly Hardmode server with some gnarly addons to make it a gruesome play through. Will be joined later by some pals, but will be doing my best to survive and work towards goals like metal tools and spawner traps. Going to be wicked fun, except for they dying, but please pop by and say hello...
  2. K Charity Livestream Today!

    Will be advertising on as many avenues today as possible. I, Korsovan, will be assisting one of my long time friends in a fundraising stream all today playing Minecraft 1.7.2 and playing on a new Minigame server that is set to open on Sunday for open beta. Our aim is to get him enough funds for...
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    Looking for input/ideas/participants/someone to host (maybe)

    Sorry for the long title, but I wanted to convey the majority of what I was talking about here. My name is Chris, IGN Korsovan, and I'm looking for community feedback on what you all would like to see from a youtuber/twitch streamer. I have been looking into joining different groups like the...
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    More Than Feed The Beast - Guf Gamer

    Hey Everyone. Was gonna hold off and or restart because of the 1.4.6 updates, but I figured what the hey. Updating all the mods I can atm but will post the first two. Please let me know what you think. I love getting comments. More Than Feed The Beast: Episode 01 -… More Than Feed The Beast...
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    Fossils 1.4.5

    Was curious as to the status of this project. Turns out a fellow has compiled a working 1.4.5 version that is going to be a little buggy. Thanks to Team July for their awesome work, hopefully IRL gets less hectic for them. Thanks to 4f6f3b for compiling...
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    Greetings from a wayward Minecraft soul!

    Hello All, Korsovan here. Love the FTB so far not used to some of the material outside of tekkit but slowly getting the hang of it. Look forward to playing with all of you and discovering all the cool new stuff. Hopefully see you online soon