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    Pure Ordo items?

    I need ordo for making steel, are there any items which have only that on them? If not, what is the best source?
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    Private pack removal

    Is there any easier way to do it rather than having to put the code for the pack in? It would be really useful to have a little "remove" button next to donate or something.
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    Lapis Caelestis is kinda cool.

    Made this little area to show off my dragon egg. [spoiler] A seemingly normal wall... But then, super secret door. Nothing behind you when you enter. And the thing this place was made for.
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    What is the most cruel thing you can think of to do to a villager?

    Currently the best I can think of is forcing them to breed, separating their children from them, dropping those children into a vat to be melted in front of them while draining their life essence and keeping them alive with regen.
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    [1.6.4] Millénaire Minipack

    This is just a little pack I made to play with Millénaire. Pack code: MillenaireMP, if this does not work try Millenairemp. Mod list: Hope you enjoy playing with this pack ^^
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    Just tried out BnB...

    So far I have had three worlds. All hardcore, all died within the first five minutes. First time, died to a swamp monster thing. Second time, spawned on an island in the sea and got mauled by fish monsters. Third time, I got beat to death by a cow. A freaking cow. Wondering, what are all of...
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    Greatwood/Silverwood Leaves

    Does anyone know why my Greatwood leaves turn into Silverwood leaves whenever I look at them? I don't know whether it's just a graphical error, or that they are actually turning into the silverwood leaves, I haven't got any silverwood sapling from breaking them but I haven't had any greatwood...
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    Swarm Spider Jockeys

    I was bored, so I spawned some swarm spiders from Twilight Forest in. I was wondering, do they have a higher jockey spawnrate than regular spiders? I spawned in 7 or so and got 2 jockeys. Here's the proof, if you were wondering.