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    3DS Friend Code

    Hello world! What are people's 3DS friend codes? I am asking this because I want pokemon in the friend safari. Also, add me as well. My Friend Code is: 3797-7078-5642
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    Modpack Feedback

    Hello world! I made a modpack. The modlist is here: I am asking for some feedback on what other people think. If anyone is interested, then here is the G+ group: Some info. This pack adds more magic mods along with the regular...
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    I just got Active Member.

    So right now I just got active member, and I thought "Man I'm feelin it tonight" :)
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    Am I crazy?

    Is it just me, or does anyone else like the new Gregtech, but also hate it at the same time?
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    Replacement for deployer?

    Is there a replacement for the block breaker and deployer in 1.5.x? I am trying to rebuild dire's mining well machine with this mod.
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    GregTech question

    Does any one know how to turn off the plate bending and rolling machines recipes? I am using the GregTech for 1.5.2. Thanks :)
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    My refinerys aren't running.

    For some reason my refinerys aren't running. I have an Electrical Engine attatched with 14mj/t on the other end of the tesseract.
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    Does anyone know where to get the hats from Direwolf's forgecraft 2 lets play? The Mountain Banshee and the Great Leonopteryx.
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    Do you think IC2 is dead?

    Do you think IC2 is dead? These people do.
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    MFFS Classic vs MFFS V.3

    Hello humans. I haven't seen this topic brought up yet, and I want to know which version the community think is better. THIS IS NOT A FLAME/TROLL THREAD!!!!!!!!! I say this because flaming would lead to more flaming from people that likes the other. Then people starts cursing. EDIT: No...
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    How to convert a Tekkit world to FTB

    I have a Tekkit map, but I want it on FTB, so how do I convert a Tekkit world to FTB? Thanks
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    Advanced Solar Panels vs Compact Solars

    So I've never seen this topic brought up, but which do you prefer. Advanced Solars, or Compacts Solars, and why. I need to know which is the right one to use, and what do most people prefer. THIS IS NOT A FLAME/TROLL THREAD!!!
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    Tunnel Bore

    Does any one know any good tunnel bore designs? I am currently trying to build one that is computercraft free, and cheap to make.
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    FTB Ultimate Beta Problem

    When I enter the code,it works,but when I close out of the launcher and reopen it,the pack is not there any more. How can you make it so the pack stays there???
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    Two Problems

    The first problem I have is that the Techworld Server keeps crashing. The second problem I have is that the FTB Lite pack wouldn't download. I will post the crash log later.