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    What are the most essential mods a mod pack could have? (in you opinions)

    What would everyone consider the most important mod/s? and perhaps a ranking for the top ten or so.
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    RetroGen with Tinkers, Galacticraft and AE

    I'm using the core pack for FTB Lite 2, but have been adding mods as I have more confidence in my computer's ability to Minecraft. However, a side effect of this is that I'm missing ores from the aforementioned mods, mainly Aluminium and Quartz. Using Mystcraft I can just create a new age...
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    MineFactory Reloaded Harvester Harvesting a massive area

    I have a typical harvester-Planter setup, both with silver upgrades. I turned both of them off for some maintenance on my sorting system. When I turned the Harvester back on, however, I noticed it wasn't harvesting the area it was supposed to; instead, it was harvesting the jungle behind it. I...
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    Filler clear tool

    When I use it, it does not drop the blocks.... is this a bug? in other packs where I've used it, it drops the blocks as entities, but now they just disappear.
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    Chunk Display

    Is there any way to display the chunk boundaries?
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    Mindcrack - Getting started

    Which mods would be good to get started with? usually it'd be IC2, but GregTech cut that dream short... so. Forestry? Computercraft? Or just save up and go head first into the GregTech?
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    Lan Playing- Offline option?

    So, my brother wants to play FTB with me, but he can't as he has no account. We would use this on a LAN server. Is there any way for him to play as 'Player'? I'd just download the pack beforehand...
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    Tree Mods

    Hello everyone! I was wondering, is there a good timber/Treecapitator mod out there that you can easilt change to work with mod woods? I've tried both Timber! and treecapitator, but I can't find the config files for either... Cya!
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    Emptying Quarries

    I need to empty my quarry, as i think that the flowing water is what is causing the lag... any way to do this?
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    Mod Packs

    Answer the poll please
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    Magmatic engines - Item Power

    Can I use lava cells, or lava cans to power these, or does it have to be lava from a pipe?
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    Forestry - Farm and Combine - Auto farm

    Hiya. My forestry farm which uses a Combine and default F arm, does not work. I cannot see what is wrong with it, but i just cannot pump seeds into the farm. is this a bug, or a feature that has been removed? Thanks, L0neGamer.