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    Launcher account problems

    I'm trying to log into my account and it's saying the account is invalid. I didn't change anything, so I deleted the account and am now trying to add it again and it's still not working and I'm not entirely sure what's up or what to do. Any ideas?
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    Should I give up on FTB?

    Sorry if the title doesn't fit the forum topic, but the content should; So I've been playing FTB for a few days now and I'm really struggling. The mod just seems too difficult and I wonder how others have done it. It seems like everything that I need to progress, in my eyes, requires one...
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    Windows 8 FTB launcher not found

    I just got a windows 8 operation system and installed FTB and played it fine and stuff, but then when I wanted to play it again, I couldn't find the launcher anywhere, just some notepad thing that says "server" as it's icon name. I don't know where to find the launcher to make it into a desktop...