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    Windows .exe FTB Unleashed Problem

    Whenever I Open my Inventory on a Server FTB Crashes It used to work but now i cant play with my friends. I know its an NEI Problem by taking a Small Peak at the Error but I need someone to tell me what to do heres the pastebin.
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    Windows .exe Crash

    Im making a Mod Pack for Feed the Beast and when ever I try to test it out i get this crash report with Redpower One thing i though was funny was the Steve Urcle Reference at the Top But Can anybody tell me how to fix this.
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    Windows .exe Private Packs?

    I saw the Private Packs Option and I would like to know how to make your Own Private Pack because I know some cool mods that i would love to Share With Others. So Can anybody tell me how to make my own Private Pack?