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    Big Reactors: A spreadsheet, mechanics summary and reactor example.

    So instead if hijacking that other threat I thought I'd update mine. Lets start by stating that yes, my spreadsheet is still up to date! There is no difference between version 0.3 and 0.4. Its just an update from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10. Nothing more, nothing less. The spreadsheet: Big Reactors v0.3...
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    Latest news: FTB removes compatibility with TE?

    '] [/spoiler][/URL]
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    I got a trick question :)

    So I saw Direwolf20 did a spotlight on Thermal Expansion 3. Going by that, this poll might have some very interesting results :D
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    Adding Ars Magica to an existing world, what problems will I get?

    Alright, so I have a relative small modpack put together myself. I got no idea what Ars magica is or what I can do with it. But it has an overly awesome reference to Diablo II and I just gotta have that. So, what worldgen does it add? Will it cause chunk borders? Or is it just "flowers & ores"?
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    New enchanting in 1.8

    Yellow! So the first snapshot is out for 1.8 and with it changes to the enchanting system. I found them quite good but I am wondering what other people think about it. More speccificly, I am wondering what poeple playing mods find about it. Will this make you get an enchanting improvement mod...
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    Tools & armor, where do steel/thaumium/ironwood/steeleaf/fiery stand?

    Right, so ive been playing some FTB magic pack and am starting to wonder what the order of the modded tools/armor is. Sofar ive basicly followed my vanilla instinct and gone wood/stone/iron/diamond/enchanted diamond. But now i am starting to explore the mods and am wondering if anny if those...