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    SIMPLE Permissions Plugin

    Hi, I run a FTB server running the DW20 mod pack and we recently upgraded meaning I can open more slots, as of now I am the only one set as OP, however I need a plugin to make admins, mods, etc using bukkitforge, if anyone could link me to a simple bukkit plugin which has all the permissions...
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    Restarting when editing Whitelist

    When I add someone (or remove) someone from the whitelist, I need to restart the server for it to take effect. Is there a way of editing it and for it to take effect without restarting it as it is a real hassle to me and my players to restart whenever I need to change it.
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    Whitelist Server EclipseCraft|Direwolf 5.2.1|Moderate Whitelist|15 Slots|24/7|

    Server IP Teamspeak 3 IP (The password is revealed once you logon to the minecraft server) Server Description EclipseCraft is a new server that only has 10 available slots, but hopefully those 10 slots are going to be occupied by very dedicated and...
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    Best Package?

    I would like to buy a host package from CreeperHost and I only need a FTB server running the DW20 pack. I plan on only 5 or 10 slots, but obviously each player would likely have their own base with a lot of machines and such. Which package would you suggest? The Zombie package looks most...