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    Modpack development and testing streams!

    Hello Everyone! I am a new streamer and I will be working on my modpack and testing some other modpacks out while I stream. I stream on weekends from about 11 AM to 4-5 PM PST. I don't have a microphone yet, but I am saving up for one. I would need about $30. If you would like to check my stream...
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    [1.7.10] The Botanist [WIP]

    I will be creating a modpack called The Botanist with other members of the P1NationGaming (P1NG) Team. P1NG Mod List This modpack is based off of Botania, and will be the first in a series of three modpacks called The Specialists. I would like people to suggest recipe changes. Our plan is to...
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    Changing Tool Names

    I would like to change the name and texture of my tool when it gets a certain enchantment. For example, I would like to change the name to "Silky Ender Pickaxe" when it gets silk touch. Anyone know how I would do this?
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    Bug Vanilla Minecraft version

    Not really a big problem, but it shows Vanilla Minecraft version 1.8.1 for Minecraft 1.7.10.
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    Hello everyone. My name is Wavebrother and I will be starting a HQM modpack with some other people. We are looking for someone that can write quests and lore for us. If you would like to apply, PM me. Copy the application into the message.
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    Open Server GammaCraft|DireWolf20 1.0.2|Open|Towny, Essentials

    Welcome to GammaCraft! We are a group of players that want to start a public DireWolf20 server for all people who like FTB. The server will be completely open, no applications. There will be Towny, Essentials, ranks, and many other interesting plugins. The only problem? We need money! If you...