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    Can someone help me?

    I got roped into creating a very small modpack for a very small server. I know how to put together mod packs myself, but I'm not sure where to put the files on the server side of things (or if the files for the server need to be different). The modpack is only going to have Forge, NEI and...
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    Quick Question (Re: Unstable Pack, Thermal Expansion)

    I've been away from Minecraft for a few months now - loaded up Unstable and I can't find any sort of energy/item/liquid transfer for Thermal Expansion (I tried versions 1.0.5 and 1.0.6). I realize that this pack is Alpha and unsupported - I also realize TE was very recently updated. I'm just...
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    I've never been scared.....

    In Minecraft before. I've been playing for about three years, modded for about two. I was playing on Horizons for the first time the other night and one of the creatures in Farlanders scared me so bad I had to quit for a bit. It was the "Fanmade Enderman" and the noise - oi. Has anything ever...
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    Map Writer (DW20 Pack)

    I can't find this on the mod list (in the launcher) or in the mods folder - but it's in game and I don't want it. I tried downloading myself to see the file name (in case it was changed to something else) and that didn't help. Any ideas? I'm obviously missing something, but having spent 20...
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    Is there a way (BoP Question)

    So I have a world that I love, but I created it without BoP. I'd like to enable BoP and find a new area to set up in - is there any way to do this? I'm thinking no, since BoP generation has to be chosen at world gen, but ya'll are smarter than me when it comes to mods and such. Thanks :)
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    Screen Flickering Issues (Unleashed)

    I've had this save for a few weeks now and haven't had an issue. Today I installed my AE system, and started up a quarry (I mention them because they are the only new things I've added to my base). Now when I'm around my base, the screen flickers black, constantly. It was so bad that I had to...
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    Unleashed Wand Charging trouble

    I just created my first wand in Thaumcraft and it won't charge at all. I deliberately chose an area right next to a Silverwood tree for my base so I wouldn't have any aura issues. I cheated in goggles and my aura is 651/651, flux is "none". I went to another area, and it charged just fine...
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    I have commitment issues

    I spent most of yesterday generating seed after seed after seed. Some I'd even play on for a bit, but then ultimately abandon. I don't know what my deal is - nothing "feels" like home to me. Anyone else have this issue? Or a solution for me? I want to play, but I can't seem to overcome my...
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    Above ground or below?

    Where do you typically live/build?
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    King Slime?

    I'm playing on the 1.5.2 NGT pack and I was mining around on a boss health bar came up on my HUD. I couldn't actually locate said King Slime anywhere - just wondering if anyone knew what mod added this? And maybe a bit of info about it? Thanks :)
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    Virgo's Let's Play

    I'm playing the 1.5.2 beta pack, sans GT. So, here it is :) Warning: I do use foul language. Well and often.
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    MultiMc Crash - help?

    I'm not entirely stupid about creating my own mod pack, but this has me stumped. I created a fresh MultiMc instance, on 1.5.1, the only thing I have loaded is Forge version 682. This is my crash Exception in thread "main" java.lang.VerifyError: (class: net/minecraft/client/Minecraft...
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    Who do you enjoy watching play FTB on YT? I'm talking about smaller channels. I know the big guys. TIA!
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    ID Conflicts

    Easiest way to resolve them? I built my own pack and tried ID Resovler, but it resulted in crashes. Any tips to make this relatively painless? TIA :)
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    White screen help? (w/ error log)

    I realize I probably shouldn't ask here, as I've heavily modified my files, but I've spent a good while trying to figure it out on my own and I can't. TIA
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    Ridiculous amount of wisps

    I was on my server last night, exploring around. I came across an area with no less than 50 wisps. There was *no* flux in the environment at all. Any ideas?
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    GregTech/Server question

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but... I have a server and we just switched to Ultimate. I'm going to nerf a few of the GT recipes (basically, easy mode - I want a bit of a challenge, but we're all still learning the mods so I don't want it to be ridic). So my ? is, if I change...
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    Is this even feasible?

    I've been playing with this for literally 4 hours and I just can't get it to work right. So maybe it can't. I have an RP sorting machine, hooked up to a pneumatic tube split - one goes to a filter hooked up to a pulverizer. One is to another filter, which then goes to routers. I have three...
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    Bee help! (possible spoilers)

    I've spent the past 4 days working on bee breeding (extra bees). I've got my Imperial, and my Industrious, Classical, etc. But I can NOT get my resilient princess. I've tried so many times that I've lost count. I bred a Rocky Princess with a purebred diligent bee (per the wiki), and I just...
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    I know a lot of peeps were disappointed that it wasn't compatible with the new versions of the ModPacks - looks like it's been updated :)