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    Another "help needed with FPS" post

    I retained my FTB setup from my older machine: So, I still have FpsPlus+ added to the 1.6.4 jar. No optifine I always play with the faithful32 pack - even with my previous low-end rig. Lately I tried to use Soartex and Sphax for variety, but I get so confused at all the textures that I revert to...
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    [SOLVED] Reika's mods older version releases

    This is as good a place as any to make this request: @Reika, could you kindly provide links to previous two releases of (all) your mods (and dragon api) on your website please? The latest V22 builds have ID conflicts with ars magica2 potions, etc. Thanks in advance.
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    [SEMI-SOLVED] "In place" hover using IC2 jet packs?

    What the title says. This isn't possible, right? Ofc, if I used Thaumic harness, or, MPS then, problem solved. But, are there any other enterprising ideas on how to achieve this (Let's use the DW mod pack for our lods list to be used)?
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    Creeper repo availability and download speeds

    This is feedback in part, and a complaint in part! :) So, I wanted to update to latest monster modpack 1.1.1. I did the usual point and click to accept the latest modpack release, sometime at 1:00 PM in the afternoon. At 6 PM, the launcher started the MC client(!!?). Basically that amounts to...
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    BoP - poison ivy - Is it cultivable?

    Hmm, Poison ivy from Biomes o plenty. Can I grow it like wheat or barley? If so, how? I've tried the obvious solutions. They don't work. Anyone has ideas or experience with it? Thanks in advance.
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    Tinkers' construct addon: Tinkers' steelworks

    Stumbled on this one not via agrarian skies, but I think it's real good that Jaded's included it in there. My first response to this mod was, "I can't believe this is not part of other packs already!" [SMH]. Anyhow, this one needs more exposure and love than it is currently getting. And what...
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    [SOLVED] Specifying a geographically closer repo

    So, the UK based servers are geographically closer to me. But it seems that the launcher seems to home into losangeles1 every time. And a combination of gegraphy and internet woo-woo makes the speed of access/download an exercise in frustration. I remember we could specify or choose repo...
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    Has anyone managed to make NEI for 1.7.2 work with the FTB 1.7.2 pack?

    Just what the title says. Here are the steps I followed: On adding the NEI mod in, I got a "Couldn't download worldcore-universal.jar" error on startup. So, I pulled in the latest BoP jar which supposedly integrates this lib into the mod itself. Then minecraft loaded fine. Selected my...
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    An update for the Metallurgy team's "Agriculture" mod users.

    When crafting oven racks for the agriculture mod, I noticed a recipe clash with openblocks and brought it to notice at their IRC. @Freyjadono very kindly pushed out an updated release with a newer recipe almost immediately. Here is the changelog Here is the latest build Been meaning to...
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    FYI: New TE3 addon called "Simply Jetpacks"

    Hello everyone, This is a relatively new entry to the scene. Came upon it recently: This is a small mod that adds Redstone Flux-powered jetpacks to the game. If you don't know what Redstone Flux, or RF is, it's a power system that is used by Thermal Expansion, and some other mods as well. This...
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    [SOLVED] wooden bucket missing textures

    Of late, I've noticed that the wooden bucket from plugins for forestry has a missing texture icon in the game. Anyone else got the same issue? Is there a way to fix it?
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    I'm on Win 7-64bit, Launcher 1.3.7. Anyone else has splash screen freeze?

    I upgraded to the new launcher. Now and then, the launcher freezes on the splash screen, the Loading progress bar remains blank, and I must kill the process before the console and the actual launcher come up. Like I said, this issue is infrequent but recurring and therefore I suspect...
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    [RESOLVED] direwolf 1.0.18 pack tinkers construct

    The latest update with TiCo (1.5.3) allows crafting stations to interact with adjacent chest inventory (like pattern chest interactions with part builder). The latest pack still carries, and I am unable to interact with chests via crafting station in this version of the mod. I also...
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    [SOLVED] Minetweaker recipes

    Okay, so I wanted to disable IC2 bronze tools in favour of Mekanism's bronze tools (I added the mekanism pack in addition to the others). In 1.6.4, I need to do it using a recipe remover tool ("Player" from the IC2 chat room). Here is my code. Originally I put this in a separate file, then I...