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    How do I find the Minecraft version from an old .minecraft folder?

    I have an old save, I've saved everything, the whole .minecraft folder. I want to know the exact version of that minecraft save, I think it's 1.0, but I wanna be sure. Where do I find the version of the game? Is it somewhere in minecraft.jar?!
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    Made a Music Disc Machine tutorial

    So I've made a tutorial where I show how to make a fully automated music disc farm. Why would anyone want such a thing? Ummm.....
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    I've made an Automated Wither Killing Machine Tutorial

    Hey guys and gals, I made a tutorial that I hope is helpful to you all. Please tell me what you think, what you have done differently!
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    How do I share a save file?

    I want to put a save up for download (with the custom pack) and I just wanna make sure personal information isn't in there. Where does Minecraft save the Login tokens? I wanna erase anything that might have any information about my account.
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    Is there a TMI/NEI for entities?

    Is there such a thing as a Too Many Items/Not Enough Items that shows all the available entities (mobs, basically) in the game? I'm curios, but also, I wanna find out if I have turtles in my version of Tropicraft
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    Is there a block that teleports you?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a block (from ANY mod) that I can stand on and get teleported about 150m (in this case). I would prefer a block and not a structure/multiblock. Thanks!
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    What could I use as a substitute for ChickenChunks?

    ChickenChunks crashes the game if I attempt to use a Particle Accelerator (from Resonant Induction Atomic (formerly Atomic Science). I disabled ChickenChunks and now the game has stopped crashing. I need either a fix for the conflict or a substitute for ChickenChunks, because I need something...
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    Chunks force loaded for no reason

    I have 2 chunks that are force loaded, but they have nothing that keeps them that way. ALSO, if I use Rejuvenation Explosives to reset the chunks, only one of them gets "unloaded", the other one remains force-loaded (as indicated by the yellow highlight)
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    Trouble with Moonstone Ore (Ars Magica 2)

    I have a problem with the Moonstone Ore spawn. Naturally, only 2 times I got spawns (while I was doing random things) and with the Lunar Tides only once, ZERO times while afk-ing (for like 8 hours, while watching movies). I got a significant quantity by spawning in Blood Magic Meteors, so I have...
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    How can I nullify knockback inflicted to mke?

    I always hated the fact that no matter how powerful and end game you are, you can still be pushed back by a unarmored skeleton. What can I do to stop being knocked back?
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    Lasers don't power Assembly Table ANYMORE!

    I had this nifty setup for MONTHS! It worked great, but now it simply doesn't. The lasers are receiving power, the assembly table is close enough, the items are in and the item is selected (the item to be crafted). I'm using 9 LaserPlus with Efficiency V and Unbreaking III. It worked, as I said...
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    How can I disable the Optifine F3 debug profiling?

    In game it doesn't work, you save and then it simply reverts to YES. I set the option to NO in the config file and then made the file Read-Only. Didn't work... I use F3 for biome names and stuff and every time I press F3 I get a huge lag that doesn't completely disappear after I close the...
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    Should I uninstall Factorization?

    Does it add anything interesting/useful?
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    Why do steep shores ruin sheep AI?

    This is NOT a trick question, the gray sheep, for example, hasn't moved in weeks (that's REAL LIFE weeks)! The black one was running around like crazy for days, but when it got there it stopped moving.
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    Traincraft intergration problem - recipes and crafting issues

    I added Traincraft to Resonant Rise myself and at first the recipes were messed up, but I fixed that with idfixminus. My issues now are: whenever I try to craft something with the Train Workbench it craft the item, the uncrafts it, then I craft it again, and if I'm lucky, it stops uncrafting (or...
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    What's the fastest way to get XP ?

    I have 2 setups: - 1 with 20 Industrial Apiaries with Edenic Bees (that give you the Explorer effect, which gives you XP) and 10 Bee Collector's Jars that can hold an aditional 10 Edenic bees; - the second with an XP shower made up of 2 Autonomous Activators supplied with Essence berries...
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    Can I disable the Spawn Chunks ?

    I want to disable the Spawn Chunks around the Spawn Point (the ones that always remain loaded if there is a player in the Overworld). Is there a way ? I have found this, but I'm not sure it does what I want, ALSO it hasn't been updated since 2012 :( I'm playing 1.6.4 SSP (modded, obvs)
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    What exactly keeps my chunks loaded here (pics) ?

    I have: - Ritual of the Blood River (inactive, I think) - Ender Chests (Ender Storage) which should NOT keep the chunks loaded - A Tesseract (Thermal Expansion, duh), it too should NOT keep the chunks loaded - the bed I last slept in - Fish feeders (Mariculture) with ETERNAL LIFE upgrades and...
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    How can I craft/find the Mariculture One Ring ?

    Also, why is there such poor documentation available for mariculture on the web ?
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    Is there a CHEST that automatically extracts items from nearby inventories (machines)?

    I'm wondering if there's a storage blocks that automatically sucks items from nearby inventories. I'm not interested in any other ways of extracting items !