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    New Ultimate Base(My Project Thread)

    With my old Ultimate world destroyed and Adeptcraft having it's problems I've started doing SSP again and I would love to get your guy's opinions on my builds as always. I'm just starting off. I just got into IC2 and i'm playing with GT on hard mode for the first time so things are going slowly...
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    FTB Retro Map

    I'm having this weird glitch with the FTB Retro SSP pack and the Normal Map. When I hit install, it says it installed but doesn't install and when I generate a world it's a just a piece of bedrock in the middle of the world with nothing around it. My render distance is on far.
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    Placeable liquids mod?

    Does anyone know of a mod that allows you to turn almost anything into liquid and place it? In TE we have the liquid transposer and stuff but I would love to be able to place the liquid with a bucket. I'm thinking of a gold pool. Or a diamond pool. That would be pretty amazing.
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    Help updating to newer TF

    so, a server I want to play on requires TF 1.15.4 and when I went to install it I removed the old TF and replaced it with 1.15.4 and I get an error. Anyone know what the problem is?
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    Divine RPG Balancing?

    I recently started playing Slowpoke's live stream pack. I really like it. I've mostly been focusing on Divine RPG and i've noticed a few things. Divine RPG is actually quite broken when you get down to it. First off, giving mobs insane amounts of health doesn't make them hard or intense. It...
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    Modular Powersuit flying?

    So, I installed the jetpack to my power suit and it does't seem to work. The Jetpack goes up really fast at first but then it moves incredibly slow. Flight control seems to do nothing. The glider also does nothing. And what button opens the crafting table on the power tool? There isn't a control...
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    Nether ores?

    I've heard that these ores are actually fairly common. While I do find lots of Pyrite and such I've never found any nether uranium,diamonds,iron or anything. Am I just unlucky or are they not as common as they used to be?
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    Stuck on loading world

    So after last night, where my game sorta flipped out after I made a mystcraft age I can't load my world. It's just stuck on loading world.. I'm not sure what to do.
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    Okk. So this is weird.

    So I just created a Mystcraft age. It was super buggy and weird. So I decided to go back home. But I couldn't right click. I couldn't use any of the keys. So I quit and it sent me back to the title screen which was the normal screen but with a nyan cat. Now, when I went to re-load the world it's...
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    Glitchy deathpoints.

    So, there's 2 points that I want to make with this thread. 1. I think the fireboats may be a bit OP. I got one shotted by one of them with fully charged Nano Armor on. That seems a bit ridiculous. 2. When I went to retrieve my items the death point led me to a an area of just solid...
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    Some questions about Mindcrack Pack.

    How bugged are Xycraft tanks? I'm currently using the Iron Tanks and needles to say, I would much prefer the Xycraft ones. Also, are there any conflicts with adding Mystcraft to Mindcrack? Will the game be playable and are there any ID conflicts?
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    Auto quarry setup.

    Does anyone know of a way to have a quarry shut down once the chest it's connected to is full? I'm assuming it can probably be done with some gates.
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    Mindcrack crash.

    I'm not sure if this problem has already been mentioned but when I placed a quarry my game crashed. Crash report is below.
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    Weird invisible wall.

    While I was mining I found this weird wall that seems about 3 blocks tall and will hurt me for some reason. I can't get past it. Occasionally I'll slip through for a second and then when I go back i'll be stuck. Is this added my a mod? Very weird stuff.
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    Decent Reactor Design.

    I need a decent reactor design that produces a good amount of EU, is relatively cheap and requires minimal maintenance. I'm currently on the Mindcrack Pack. It's been a long time since I dabbled with reactors. What has changed? I heard that there was a big heat change? And judging by some...
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    Am I missing something?

    So the new update came out and it asked me if I wanted to backup my config. I said yes obviously. First, it didn't back up. Now it's not doing anything when I change the config. It's still on hard mode gregtech. I'm currently staring at a wall while I try to figure out how to get some better...
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    Launch loading extremely slow after update?

    Has this recent update cause anyone else's launcher to load extremely slowly. It's loading the previews for each mod pack very slowly. Is this due to the servers being overloaded or something?
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    My Mindcrack Base(WIP)

    So I've been dabbling in actual building in MC instead of just a 9x9 so I want to know what you guys think. I would love to hear your opinions on what I can do to make it better. So far I have the bottom done. The carpet is made of light blue wool and it's not done yet. I would love to know if...
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    Any way to change this?

    Whenever I go to my auto XP farm the turtles like to hit me from behind. If I stand behind them they'll hit me if I get too close. Is there any code to change this?
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    Melee turtles not working?

    I decided to upgrade my blaze farm to being an xp farm as well. I was using DW's setup as a guide. But I programed the turtles yet they don't attack anything. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Here's the video i'm using.