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    BIZARRO Minecraft Discussion

    ITT: We speak about Minecraft as presented in an alternate dimension where the basic notions of the game are turned upside down. Example: Hey guys, lately I've been having trouble with my furnaces, they seem to get out of their pen everytime I look away and I don't know how to contain them...
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    Serious Lag Issue with Rotarycraft and Quarriesplus

    It seems Rotarycraft ores are dropping XP orbs whenever the quarry goes over them. A lot. A WHOLE DAMN LOT. So many that my SP map is laggy to no end, I can't even move! The quarry is 256*256, so you can imagine just how bad this gets. Any way to solve this? Just walking over a single vein of...
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    Odd Quarryplus Quarry behavior

    I've encountered some sort of odd happening with my quarry... While powered, and even still running, the quarry seemed to start decaying! The frame started to decay as if the quarry was removed, but previosuly it had been always running with no issues. Power to it got cut at one point, but...
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    The Pendants in Geostrata

    It seems that even the official wiki is poorly documented on the matter, so I have to ask: Pendants. Which do work and which don't? I thought I'd recieve a constant slow stream of XP from wearing a purple one but that hasn't happened. The blue one seems to give nightvision just fine. I also...
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    Why are low pressure boiler tanks cheaper than high pressure ones?

    I mean, the tooltip explicitly says it produces twice as many mBs of steam per tick, and it costs IRON instead of STEEL which is strictly cheaper since STEEL is nothing but IRON plus COAL or HEAT from any other source. Is there any hidden information I am not seeing?
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    Reactant Dynamo - What is the best solution?

    So I've come to the point in the game where Steam Dynamos have become boring and I'd like to switch it up a little and make Reactant Dynamos, I havent used those ever before so this should be fun. My question is: There's many reactants and many fluids these things accept. I have no shortage of...
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    Something that bothers me about Pneumaticcraft

    It adds all sorts of uesful pneumatic doodads likes pneumatic doors, pneumatic helmet, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic cylinder, generator, engine... But where's the Pneumatic RAFT? I could use a better way of travelling through water, vanilla boats are bad.
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    Base Biome Preference

    Hey let's get an opinion thread going. What biome do you guys always look for when making a base and why? I generally look for a large rock wall in an Extreme Hills biome. Why? Because ores, and because digging my house in rather than building it means less need to decorate and less materials...
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    The Overpower-ing Game!

    Hey FTB forum, let's play a game! This one is called Overpower-ing, in which you make ONE specific change to ONE aspect of a block/item/mechanic to THROW IT COMPLETELY OFF BALANCE. You are not allowed to create new blocks/items/mechanics or make major overhauls with multiple changes, keep it as...
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    Looking for group in Latin America!

    You know what really grinds my gears? Not knowing anyone in my close area to play Minecraft with. Specially modded Minecraft which is absolutely delightful (no sarcasm). Can I get a yo from my latin american brothers? I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I want to play with cool people and say...
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    Has anyone figured out an optimal setup with Big Reactors yet?

    I've done a regular 1*1*4 with cryotheum but that cooled it way too much. I tried a 3*3*5 with water and it easily overheated. Has anyone found the key to ridiculous RF production? It'd work exceptionally well with some sort of universal converter to turn it into EU and MJ and stuff.
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    What Mod does this exactly?

    I was playing monster when all of a sudden I hear a boom in the back of my house. I get out and find... this. wut What is that? Is that a meteorite?
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    What happened to this cable?

    So I was running through dimensions, checking on some quarries, doing Thaumcraft research, all of this in FTB monster and after a while I notice my IC2 machines have stopped working. I thibk that's odd and just ignore it. Then I run to my boiler seeing as my steam engines were empty and find...
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    Rainbow Forest in FTB Monster is like hitting the jackpot

    I mean, come on. Blue trees give you infite farmable LAPIS in a place where TINKER'S CONSTRUCT exists. It's basically a free full luck for any tool. White trees give you infinite bonemeal, never need to kill skeletons or search for fertilizer materials again. Black trees give you infinite ink...
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    Pumping lava in Horizons

    Is there a way to pump lava in the Horizons modpack that can circumvent rotarycraft? (really don't like it) I see the ender-thermic pump but acquiring blaze powder for an ender eye is hard for me... Well, ender pearls altogether are hard for me. Lil' buggers like to run away instead of...
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    Mining Tier 7 in TiCo

    The tier also named "Mannyulynn". What blocks are in this tier? Just Mannyulynn and all it's byproducts? IF that's it, then making a Mannyulynn pick/hammer would be a waste aside from the durability increase... At least personally. I wouldn't waste a tonne of Cobalt/Ardite in making decorative...
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    About Mystcraft and Servers

    I have a simple question: A friend of mine runs a small server for a bunch of guys, nothing too costly nor too powerful. We have been meaning to build a teleporting hub for our world with mystcraft linking books... Is this safe? Is mystcraft prone to causing crashes or server issues when so...