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    Empty JAR-file in denLib (1.6.4 mod packs that include DenPipes)

    Just a small question. I have noticed that the "sqlite-jdbc-3.7.15-M1.jar" file, which is in ...\Minecraft\Mods\denLib is empty (size is zero). Is this on purpose, or is it a mistake. I have replaced the file with a 'good' version which I downloaded, but it does not seem to make a lot of difference.
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    Mod Pack Filter chooses wrong Mod Pack

    When I apply a filter on the mod packs for MC version 1.4.5, I get three choices: Voxel, UE and Magic World. Problem: the first option points to the FTB Beta pack, the second to the Voxel pack, and the third to the FTB SSP 1.2.5. Thnx for the Launcher end the Mod Packs btw, I never had any...