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    Well of suffering help.

    I made a well of suffering quite a while back, and I've been using 64 named witches. But they keep vanishing, forcing me to fabricate 64 more and name them all individually. So is there a good alternative to witches that don't de-spawn and gain health faster than the well of suffering...
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    Best End-Game Mining Device?

    I don't now why I want to build one, I already have copious amounts of materials. I want one so I don't have to keep setting up Quarry+'s up every time one finishes, its just tedious having to make 3 more of those Marker+'s and setting them up. I want one that will run constantly without...
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    How do you automate Blood Magic alchemy with AE?

    I've set up multiple Alchemic Chemistry Sets and I've tried many different ways to automate it with AE but am yet to have any success. I'm starting to think it isn't possible anymore but I just wanted to check with my fellow beast feeders.
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    Can't throw potions in a straight line.

    I think it might be something to do with the Sigil of the Whirlwind on my armour. Is there a solution to this problem?
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    I'm Sexy and I Know It! #2

    Just sayin'
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    Fastest way of moving water?

    I need to know which is the fastest way of transporting liquids because soon I will be making a Big Reactors Turbine and I'm going to need a lot of water.
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    Efficient Way of Pushing Mobs?

    I know there are multiple ways of doing this in the Monster pack, but the OpenBlocks fans aren't good enough and I don't want to get into RotaryCraft just yet. So what should I use?
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    Flux-Infused Tools?

    I have a Power Fist that I designed to my liking but it uses way too much energy so I decided to craft a bunch of Flux-Infused tools and they seem to be a lot better, but I want to know if enchantments like unbreaking and sharpness make a difference and what their effects are.
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    What is the point of a Mini Me?

    I've discovered the Golden Egg block from OpenBlocks and so I placed it as decoration not knowing it would shortly blow up afterwards. So when I heard the explosion I obviously went to go check out what happened and then was picked up one of my many clones, I then thought it was going to kill me...
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    Is the PLP Permanent?

    I accidentally right clicked whilst holding an Ancient Staff, I destroyed the gazebo thing that spawns with some TNT but the Promised Lands Portal blocks are still there. Is it possible to get rid of them?
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    Thermal Expansion Config Help

    I know that there is an option to stop the source block of Gelid Cryotheum / Energized Glowstone from gradually moving, I've turned the options to false but the source blocks still keep moving. Can somebody help me with this issue?
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    Drawbridges Stealing My Blocks

    I have 3 draw bridges with 5 Fantasy Blocks in from the Chisel mod, but they keep stealing a block every time I go near the Entity Detector that activates them. Why are they doing this?
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    Good or Bad?

    So I've started getting into Big Reactors and have just made a Passively Cooled Reactor that generates 29.9 KiRF/t. I want to know if that's good good or bad for a 7x7x11 reactor.
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    GeoStrata Config Help

    In the GeoStrata config file(s) is it possible to change what level of the potion effect you get from the enhanced pendants and disable the nether effects?
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    Building Query - FTB Monster

    1. Is there a way to place covers faster with a sort of machine? 2. What blocks go well with fantasy blocks, marble cobblestone and light blue stained clay?
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    Best Proximity Detector Mod?

    'Nuff said.
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    Invisible MPS?

    I want my MPS to be invisible so I can see my skin, I've tried the Active Camouflage and that made me completely invisible.
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    Quarry in Hell Being Weird?

    I started a quarry in the Nether a few weeks ago, but I recently ventured into the Nether and realised that the chunk where the QuarryPlus was had reset. The blocks I have in the same chunk are as followed: PumpPlus, QuarryPlus, Redstone Energy Conduit, Tesseract, Ender Tank and an Ender Chest...
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    Tinkers' Construct Material Help - FTB Monster 1.6.4

    Hello my fellow beast feeders. If I were to make tools from the parts in the spoiler, what would be the material to use for maximum speed?
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    Having Problems with Bats

    Hello my fellow beast feeders, I have an underground base in FTB Monster with massive rooms, the only problem with it is that there are so many bats you can't even walk around without lag. The game has glitched out or something because there are well over 75 bats in my base and I want to know...