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    Just Another Spawner help?

    I'm trying to set up a modpack for myself (I might release it as well, if there's interest in it) and would like to use Just Another Spawner to modify hostile mob spawning mechanics. However, after combing through the wiki, I personally found it not very helpful. I was wondering if there was...
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    Exact Weighting for the Mob Spawn Cycle

    Accoridng to this: Natural mob spawns spawn in packs, with an 85% chance of being within 5 blocks of the 'center' of the pack, and a 99% chance of being within 10 blocks. However, this article does not go into exact weighting, and I would like...
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    Removing Experience Drops from Ores and Smelting

    Is there a mod anywhere that allows disabling the experience drops from mining ores like redstone and diamonds, and smelting?
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    Random Numbers Reference Thread

    Hi! I like numbers. I also like doing things with these numbers. In fact, one of the biggest draws for Minecraft for me, personally, is figuring out new and interesting things to over-engineer, and one of my favorite parts of over-engineering is figuring out production rate. As I was...
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    Industrial TNT without IC

    Is there a mod that adds a feature similar to IC2's Industrial TNT, preferably without adding a lot of other stuff? I know that Reliquary has the destruction catalyst, which consumes gunpowder to make a full-drop explosion, which sounds great but I'm wondering if there's something that has less...
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    How to Grow Your Ironwood

    How do you get the ironwood sapling from Highlands to grow? I've let it sit there for hours, poured stacks and stack of bonemeal into it but still the sapling just sits there...
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    Spawning in specific Thaumcraft research

    So, for some reason Thaumcraft decided that it would be a GREAT idea to delete all of my completed research. I don't know the cause, and at this point I really don't care. I would, however, prefer not having to re-do all the research I just did, so does anyone know a way to cheat in the research...
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    Ore yield info for the most recent version of the MFR Laser Drill

    Anyone have any info on this? I'm curious if it's capable of yielding uranium with just IC2 + MFR now, and if so which focus ups the chance.
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    Does Anyone Know of a Good Early-Game Prospecting Mod?

    Preferably one that is as close to a direct rip-off of TFC prospecting, with vanilla materials as possible. Seriously, why has NOBODY made a prospecting mod designed for use with Custom Ore Generation? It's such an obvious complement, especially if you want massive but rare motherlodes of ore...
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    Potential Modpack: The Hardship Pack

    So I've been having quite a bit of fun making up a modpack for my own personal use, which is intended to provide a challenging and unique minecraft experience. One in which you will face many hardships and set backs, which can be overcome through either technological (or magical) advancement, or...
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    Automated Alkahestry

    So, I've recently taken a liking to the Alkahest, and have been trying in creative to find ways to automate it to infinity. A perhaps the most important thing I've learned is that all automated crafting methods I am aware of in the Ultimate, and probably every FTB modpack is incapable of...
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    Creating EU through Infernal Furnace EXP

    This idea just occured to me, and since the server I play on bans fully automatic mob grinders of any kind, I'm thinking I may get into Thaumcraft just to try this idea out in-game. Does anyone happen to know how much experience each item gives you per smelt...
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    Void Capsules

    This is a liquid container item in the Ultimate Pack which I keep finding in NEI, and seems to have the magical property of doubling or even tripling the energy yield of whatever is contained within it. EDIT: Just did some testing, and it turns out that it simply holds a large amount of liquid...
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    Large-scale EU to MJ with Hydrogen

    I had this idea awhile ago, at first as a method of energy generation, but then Gregarious nerfed hydrogen (and methane) through the ground. However, I think burning hydrogen in in a steam boiler just might be an effective way to convert EU to MJ on a large scale. Here's the math; Hydrogen can...
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    Cobblestone = 1,000 EU each?

    Glass bottles give you 1000 EU at 2eu/t per filled glass bottle. Glass bottles can be made from cobblestone at a 1 to 1 ratio, so this mean you can make 1000 EU from cobblestone in a watermill. Out of curiosity, I also decided to gather up some info on how much it costs energy-wise to make the...
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    Peat vs. Other Forms of Farming

    So, I've been thinking about this a lot, and growing peat (WITHOUT using those hideously inefficient farms of Forestry's...) actually seems to be a highly versatile and surprisingly space-efficient method of generating burnable material for energy. First off, some some useful math for understand...
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    Alternative Automation for Wheat, Peat, etc.

    This is a thread for sharing ideas for non-obvious or unorthodox methods of farming the various plants/things in minecraft. To begin, here is an idea I came up with for automated peat farming, which is based off of one of Eloraam's systems from Direwolf20's server let's play. This is an...
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    Bags can be stored in barrels

    So long as all bags have the exact same inventory. I'm still debating whether or not this can be considered a bug, so I'm asking you guys what you think.
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    Tree Planting and Flax Farming with Turtles

    Just some programs I wrote and posted in the Computer Craft forums, which were design for use in the FTB mod pack; Feel free to discuss them here or there.