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    Big Reactor .3 Turbines

    So after making several designs trying to see what a Turbine maxes out at I came up with this. 80 Blades, takes the maximum 1750mb/t of Steam to turn the thing at the max 1800 RPM creating a maximum of 20,840RF (At mod default 1.0 settings) Here's my problems, No matter what I try I can't...
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    1.6.4 Liquid Fuel Boiler fuel changes.

    ...What happened to these things? Currently Ethanol/Biofuel produces 8k heat & Fuel produces 24k heat, 1/4 what they used to produce in 1.5.2! What is the point of the Boiler now? The steam engines and steam turbines still produce the exact same amount of power, its not like they were quadrupled...
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    Applied Energistic's Question on Exporting Items

    Ok, so I've been trying/researching for the better part of a hour now to make AE export fertilizer and coal to a Steve's Cart Cargo Manager and I've been having some issues. Ideally I want it to maintain 5 stacks of coal and 5 stacks of fertilizer and then maintain those numbers inside the CM...