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    Finite Water?

    I've been playing with finite water in my world and it's quite fun. It causes water to become a resource that you must properly manage instead of a mindless annoyance that only requires spamming Aqueous Accumulators. People may be opposed to it because it leaves ugly water messes from draining...
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    I'm using Minetweaker with the Direwolf20 pack, but I can't get it to work properly. When I start the game, it says /Fixes.cfg:16] or , expected This is in main.cfg # Add your commands here include "Fixes.cfg"; This is in Fixes.cfg recipes.remove(<241>); recipes.remove(<241:4096>)...
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    Building for performance

    In terms of both client performance (FPS) and server performance (less impact on server resources), would it be better to: 1. Make the entire base a 16x16 tower occupying one chunk, and have everything inside it on different floors. or 2. Make a base across several chunks, but with similar...