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    IE:E Forgetting to enable BoP

    I recently started playing Infinity Evolved: expert mode. I forgot to enable the BoP world gen, so I was wondering if there was any way that the lack of BoP biomes would screw up my progress somehow, making something impossible to get. Should I stay in the same world or create a new one and...
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    Inventions Discussion, help, venting, & showing off creations thread

    Hey everyone. I was wondering what everybody's thoughts on inventions. What are some goals you guys have set, and how are you progressing to achieving them? If you all build any interesting factories and whatnot, you can post them here. Personally, I have only had time to get the basic mostly...
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    I miss Voltz / Ampz

    I really miss the voltz and ampz universal electricity packs. There was just something so heart warming and fufilling about being able to create a factory that automated nuclear missiles and blow everything up. ICBM has been unparalleled in this regard, which is now available at 1.7 (probably...
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    Rocket League

    Anyone else play? I absolutely love it. I play mostly doubles and I'm starting to try to play ranked.
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    How does one magic?

    I've never carried much interest for magic mods, but I would like to start trying them, especially since I will need some to progress in Evolved expert mode. What advice can you all give me? Is there a good way to learn stuff without watching countless hours of direwolf20 videos? Is there a more...
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    Infinity Evolved Single Player World Not Loading

    Title: Infinity Evolved Single Player World Not Loading Launcher Version: Curse 6.4.5956.29909 Modpack: Infinity Evolved Modpack Version: 2.3.5 Log Link: Details of the issue: I am not sure how to even open the console on the Curse launcher, let alone post something to pastebin. Could someone...
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    How impossible is shaders?

    I was wondering exactly how resource intensive shaders are and if there is a trick to using them. I have a loptop built for gaming with an i7 processor and a nividia gtx 770 and 16 gigs of ram. I can usually play monster with my 128x sphax texturepack and get around 80 fps flying around and...
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    Clay in bulk

    Here lies the foundations of my factory in Monster. The problem: I want to make my factory primarily out of bricks, so how do I get enough clay to accomplish this? Is the best way for me to build a couple giant quarries over sea, or is there an easier way?
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    Monster goals

    I'm sure there have been some similar threads before, but I couldn't find any, so sorry. So I recently started a world in Monster and I need a main goal. I usually make goals that involve making a completely automated factory that creates a certain type of item. In my last world, I played on a...
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    TC4 unbreakable dark node

    So I started a new world in monster, and there was an eerie node next to it, but this one was the kind with the chest and the wisp spawner under it. I couldn't just punch out the node like I can on the normal obsidian totems, and I'm pretty sure it will be taint before I can get far enough down...
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    EPiC Craft

    I was curious as to what everybody thought of and how everyone was doing in EPiC Craft. I personally struggled with it until I found a village. Then it was pretty easy, except for some reason all of a sudden my sanity and water level plummets. I think I may be having a heat stroke, as sweating...
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    No more ICBM

    I just wanted to post somewhere about how sad I am that ICBM is being discontinued. It has been the mod I have based my current world around, as I have been creating an automated missile factory. Can we all have a moment of silence for the mod now? (seeing as there won't be any missiles...
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    Tesseract problems

    I cannot get tesseracts to work with items. They work fine with power and liquids. Whenever the item's get to the tesseract, they just pop out of the pipe. I have tried lots of solutions in a test world, and can't find anything that works. I'm also pretty sure I'm setting up the send/receive...
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    My First Magic Farm World - A story of Good Luck and Bad

    So I decided to try the Magic Farm pack out. I started off in a snow biome, but I quickly managed to get out of it and found a really awesome biome next to it. There were mushrooms everywhere! I could make mushroom stew and not have to worry about going hungry for a very long time. I even...
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    Laptop Question (sorry)

    Let me start this thread by saying I'm sure you everyone here has seen their fair share of "what laptop should I use" posts, as I have, and I would like to apologize for making a similar thread. However, when searching through the threads, I never found anything that was helpful to my personal...
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    Any building tips?

    I suck at building stuff. The way I usually have fun in modded minecraft, since my buildings are about as aesthetically pleasing as turds, is I usually try to be an engineer and make crazy automated setups to do random stuff, but I really want to make a cool base to put crazy automated machines...
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    Monster and MPS

    Is the Monster pack crashing for anyone else when you try to use the power armor tinker table? It does for me or when I put the power tool in my hand. It doesn't give me a crash report either. It just shuts down.
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    Extracting ender chest contents

    I recently built a sorting system for my quarry to pulverize and smelt ores and dump everything into my ME system. I was going to use ender chests to teleport items from my quarry to my sorting system, but I discovered that my buildcraft pipes won't pull from my chest because it counts as part...
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    Powering a Quarry in Infamy

    I've been playing the Infamy mod pack with the goal of creating fully automated nuclear missile factory in mind. Recently I built my first quarry for this mod pack, and I was wondering what the best way would be to power it. As far as I know there is no way of converting UE power into MJs...