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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    It's good to see this going (still)! :p
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    Yeah, I kinda forgot about this. Whoops. I'll probably get to working on it again sometime soon.
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    Best rewards gotten in early game Agrarian Skies.

    I got three Diamond Hammers with Fortune 3 on them. :3
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    I want to learn C++

    If you decide to pursue C++, TheNewBoston has a great video series on his YouTube,
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    What marks a mod/item as "OP" or "Unbalanced"?

    I don't think OP is a thing. At all. I just play, and then when I get bored, I add some different mods, and start a new world. No matter what, I always have fun, and THAT is what really matters to me.
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    1000 things to do in Modded mc.

    A bucket of fuel in a fully heated 1LP boiler lasts over 2 hours, IIRC, so lol. I use it to power a MultiFarm.
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    How do you power a steam turbine? Minefactory Reloaded

    You actually don't even need Railcraft. Rotarycraft has its own Steam Engine that will produce its own steam, given water and a heat source nearby.
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    FTB Launcher getting removed by Norton

    I use "avast! Antivirus". It's worked wonders for me so far, especially considering it's provided free of charge.
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    1000 things to do in Modded mc.

    Magical Crops can grow pretty much all the resources needed for the Fractionation Unit, soooo yeah. Just set up a farm.
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    1000 things to do in Modded mc.

    77: Set up a self-sustaining RotaryCraft jet fuel production facility using Magical Crops.
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    Sacred rubber sapling "ruined" my world... what can i do?

    I wonder how many it would take to fill a deep storage unit...
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    How far is to far with automation?

    I like automation, but I can't really automate everything because my PC is really crappy. :( Forced virtual manual labor.
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    Equivlant echange 3

    If you check his website, he's made a post about it.
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    Is it me, or do some people not "get" that FTB and its mods are free ?

    I agree. There IS that middle ground that is constructive criticism. It's a pretty slippery slope, though, sadly.
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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    I would complain some more about Minecraft's issues, but I realized that I don't have the knowledge (or motivation) to actually do anything about them. :P Maybe somebody else can send a big hate letter to Mojang.
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    Any building tips?

    Sometimes the problem people have with building is that they just start building without thinking. Believe me, sometimes that is good but you need to at least have a color scheme. Pick some colors that look good (for instance, black, white, and burgundy) and THEN you can start building randomly...
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    I Dream of Tangerines!

    I like classical... ;(
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    TE 3 Problem: Charcoal into dynamos or Steam into dynamos

    In TE3 B9 getting planks from putting logs through a Sawmill gets you more net RF than cooking it into charcoal and placing it in the dynamo. That might have changed, though. I also haven't a clue about boilers, too, so I have no idea how that stacks up.
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    Xbox One or PS4?

    Do you still have to pay $5 a month for Xbox Live? I haven't used it in a really long time. :P If cost is an issue, then don't pay $5 a month extra for a console that is already $100 more expensive than the other console.