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  1. Epehj

    [Servo] Wrong info in the wiki

    Hey, about By default, the reinforced servo can actually extract up to 32 item per second maximum, and not 64 The other infos seems to be correct
  2. Epehj


    Hello Meechi_, how exactly old are you ? I have opened a new community FTB 3.4 server and you're welcome to join us if you're at least 20yo =)
  3. Epehj

    Missing info in the wiki

    Hey, I came on that page , speaking about the Vacuum Hopper from openblocks. It seems there is a missing information : this block emits light (a light level of 7 or 8, if I'm not mistaking)
  4. Epehj

    Request [Revelation 3.4.0] Diagonal blocks

    Hello, I am reopening an old subject since it seems it hasnt been spoken of for a long time now : it is about diagonal blocks building. How do you build with diagonaly cut blocks ? Some people are speaking about a carpenter block which you can give the texture you need by adding on it the...