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    Opinions on ComputerCraft/OpenComputers?

    For a project of mine, which will go unnamed, because I don't know how feasible it is yet, I want to know your opinions on CC and OC, as well as any other computer mods that you might have tried. Explaining what you liked and didn't like would also be nice.
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    New Version Checker Mod

    Okay, so an update checker mod is being developed by the PT. Its name is UpToDate, as you can infer from the title. This is the suggestions and ideas thread. I'll update this once we have a full release ready. TODO: Update with more info
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    Politics Discussion

    Because politically-charged arguments are happening elsewhere on the forum and I just want to hear people's opinions on what's happening in Modded MC. EDIT: Some rules to stop things from going horribly wrong (thanks jord): 1) If you aren't going to say something constructive, just leave. 2)...
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    Project E and Reika's Mods

    I made this so Flipz/some other mod won't have to lock the RED thread while cleaning up if the discussion gets out of hand. We also have a poll. EDIT: Keep in mind that the poll is only to see what people believe - your opinion is not any more right or wrong due to how many votes it received.
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    Werewolf: Another Basic Game [GAME THREAD]

    Greetings! I'm Nobody, and I'll be your tour guide for this trip! Except sadly we're stuck here again. You have to lynch one person each day, and if you don't that guy in a lab coat over there gets really angry and will electrocute you. Um, sorry. Player List: HeilMewTwo SoraZodia ljfa Exedra...
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    Werewolf: Another Basic Game [SIGNUP]

    Hello, I'm Nobody, and I'll be your guide for this trip. I hear that last trip everyone on it got stuck and quite a few people died, but that won't happen here. Hopefully. I'm passing around a sheet with the occupations of everyone on it. I've already complained about how it doesn't tell me...
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    The Great Coding Language Thread

    Discuss your favorite coding languages here! Misc: [/spoiler]
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    Modding in Ruby

    As you can probably tell, I'm a bit more into Ruby than the average person. :p So, on a whim, I decided to check if JRuby, a JVM version of Ruby, as opposed to the C-based interpreter, could compile Ruby source to Java bytecode. It could. It also had things that allowed me to import Java classes...
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    Speaker for the Dead 2 [GAME THREAD]

    Okay, so, err, hi? I'm Nobody, your tour guide for this trip. Which sadly, won't be happening. Neither can you get back home. You see, once we passed city limits, we couldn't get back out. Apparently some of you are werewolves, and some of you suspect me, so please don't lynch me. That said...
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    Speaker for the Dead 2 [Signup]

    Look, here it is! Speaker for the Dead 2! The roles have been redone to avoid many of the complaints, so everything should be good! Roles (htmlview) Signed Up: @CoolSquid @HeilMewTwo @Gideonseymour @Fraction2 @SpwnX @goreae @Strikingwolf @VikeStep @chbachman @Shazam08 @ljfa @Eruantien @Pyure...
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    Simple Modding Help Thread (Ask a Simple Question Get a Simple Answer Forge & Java Edition)

    Starting this because I've decided to try my hand at modding again! (Picking up an old project of @Strikingwolf's) As the title implies, this is a cheap knockoff of the Ask a Simple Question Get a Simple Answer thread for modding! Merely ask a question about Forge or Java in general, and a...
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    Werewolf: Speaker for the Dead [GAME THREAD]

    Rules: No direct quoting (using quote BBcode is fine, but no screenshots or linking the BBcode to a convo) Include me in all conversations regarding the game No ghosting or you will lose the game. The only exception is for vote recaps. Please don't go against your win condition unless it's part...
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    Werewolf: Speaker for the Dead [SIGNUP]

    You live in a town, under attack by werewolves and influenced by a mysterious group of sorcerers. Are you part of the town? Are you a werewolf? Or are you one of the mysterious sorcerers? Role List (HTMLView Mirror) Days end at 4:00 PM Central, and the first day takes 48 hours instead of 24. On...
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    The NecroGame!

    So, this thread has a topic, and then when it dies and goes a few pages back, a person makes a post unrelated to the current topic and brings it back, with the subject of their post being the new topic. I may institute a points system eventually, I don't want to right now. Current Topic: Fooooooood
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    Metawolf Suggestions

    So, I'm making a Werewolf game which may or may not revolve around the dead, but after that, I plan on making a game called metawolf, which will incorporate many of our favorite quirks of the werewolf games. Sadly, I only got to make the title of the spreadsheet after being kicked off, but you...
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    A thank you to the forums

    I'd like to take a moment and say thank you. The forums have been a huge part of my life so far and I'd like to say thank you. Before you panic, I'm not leaving, I'll be staying on the forums a while longer, I just felt that thanks were necessary. I am a man of many subcultures, but up to this...
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    Who trajing is - Revised

    Hello. I'm trajing. I found FTB because I didn't know how to properly install mods. I unzipped the folder, and to this day, my former ignorance pains me. Logically, being in a pack with many other mods, I started to use them. I went from creative-only to survival once I knew everything. Now...
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    The testing of Ender Gap

    So, I'm making a private pack, and what better way to test it than by making a forum playthrough. Here is the start:
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    Modding Help Line

    So, I recently started to learn Java, and I'm having some difficulty. So, this is my help line for modding, and Java in general. I'm modding in 1.6.4, the latest (usable) recommended build. So, anyone who knows Java, or has a clue as to what problem in having, please reply. I'm using Eclipse...
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    Tolerance (Or a lack of it)

    I've been noticing a loss of tolerance in the community lately. Namely, the fact that RF-lovers feel like no other power system would be used. Not to mention that I was recently yelled at, by a mod dev no less, for having an opinion and not wanting to use RWTema's obvious spinnoff of BC running...