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    Help to boost fps

    Hey I've got a p4 ht 3.0ghz processor 3gb of memory and a radeon hd5450 graphics card but I'm getting 10 or below fps when on other graphic intensive games I'm getting 20 if anyone can help me get a constant 20 fps I'd be very greatful I have 64 bit window and java aswell so I dunno why it's...
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    Posting here as dunno where to

    Posting it here and if admin moves it it's ok I'm just asking on here has anyone got any good guides on how to make your own modpack as I'm finding I like some of these mods in different packs and want to make my own but don't know the first thing about doing it and sorting out clashes as I know...
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    can my computer run ftb ultimate or any mod pack

    posting as i can play good fps on my girlfriends computer but wondering if my specs can run ftb as im enjoying playing it my specs are Intel p4 ht 3.0ghz processor 3gb memory Radeon hd5450 Windows 7 32 bit If it wont what would i need to upgrade or what pack would run