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    Whitelist Server OTEGamers |FTB INFINITY - 1.6.2 | 64G RAM | TS3 | Great Community | Fast Whitelist |

    In-Game Name: Evi1Monkey What are you looking for in the server? Looking for a lag free server to try to get back into FTB. Been out of it for a few patches How long have you been playing Minecraft? Years, don't remember the exact date What experience do you have with Modded MC? Started FTB...
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    Whitelist Server Mineguild Network

    - IGN: Evi1Monkey - Age: 24 - Have you played on other modded servers before?: Been playing FTB since dirwolf20's 2nd singleplayer season - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: See above Edit: typoed age...