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    Whitelist Server =rTr= FTB Hard Ultimate| Whitelist Server| v1.1.2| 18+ Community

    Posting despite knowing you have 0 open slots, in the hope one may become available. Wall of text incoming, I tend to drone on... What is your username? Vissychan What is your name? Andi How old are you? 33 Location (State or City & Country)? UK, Manchester, North England. Have you ever been...
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    Whitelist Server Volition Gaming - A Family Friendly Server [New World, Plugins, Dedicated, 24/7, and more]

    I have to be honest, a lousy first impression. I was whitelisted, and 24 hours later, after several logins, I get online with someone else there, who explains to me that I have no permissions as despite being whitelisted I am only a guest. I then go off to explore a little to find a new home...
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    Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

    One of the nicest spawns I've ever seen. Basic machines provided, enough to help a newbie but not enough that it becomes a crutch. Friendly staff, keen enthusiastic, fair minded players. Loving it so far. Also, the zero lag claim is as near as dammit to perfectly true.