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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    This thread is dead, but I feel like posting to it. Vampirism updated in 1.16.4
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    FTB, CurseForge, Overwolf and the future

    Interesting, although I do intend to keep using the GDLauncher
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    A lot of the blocks have really bad sidedness which requires you to do things in roundabout and convoluted ways.
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    Should I continue pack development on 1.12? or jump ship to 1.16?

    Besides a few mods and the incredible nether update, right now there isn't a reason to go to 1.16 yet. I don't think 1.16 will be seriously ready for major pack development until probably January or February of 2021.
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    Official FTB Pack Suggestions Thread

    Always use Journey Map for FTB packs since it has FTB Utilities chunk integration.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Do you have power connected to the system?
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    How's modded looking nowadays?

    Big respect.
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Been waiting for this one. Create has been ported to 1.15.2 A few days old.
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    Could use some inputs and ideas for building modpack

    If you're gonna do Immersive Engineering and Immersive Tech, I would recommend Immersive Petroleum as well. It fits in really really well with the other immersive mods and with a steampunk sort of vibe given the how the machines are designed even tho technically it's not steampunk. In terms of...
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    Lots of questions surrounding ram usage for server, and clients

    Very impressive necro post. Yo can one of the forum devs please make it so new members can't reply to threads older than a month since the last message, this is getting out of hand.
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    Official FTB Pack Suggestions Thread

    If I remember correct, the two main skyblock resource mods. Ex Nihilo and Sky Resources are still only in 1.12.2, although I may be mistaken on that.
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    Did we reach the point playing modded Minecraft requires multiple computers?

    Things will improve in newer versions. Mojang finally decided to get off their ass and redo the code. I know 1.13 Forge got rewritten to be more optimized and I have seen a notable improvement for newer version packs with similar mod counts.
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    Did we reach the point playing modded Minecraft requires multiple computers?

    1.12 takes an incredibly long time to load relative to 1.7 and the newer versions after not only the Forge rewrite but also Mojang getting off their ass and recoding a giant chunk of the game. As things progress into newer versions your issue should go away. On the topic lag in 1.12 itself...
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    [solved] Performance problem in linux and Twilight Forest

    Nearly six-year necro, very impressive.
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    TWO nether iridium ores right next to each other!

    Nearly 5 year necropost, very impressive.
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    FTB and the future

    I rarely post here anymore but I do have a few things to say about the future of FTB. Let me start off with my view of FTB. FTB, in my personal opinion, peaked with Infinity Expert and Infinity Expert Skyblock, I don't think many people would disagree with that, and I think FTB's primary goal...
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    Texzure pack installieren bei neuer App

    Sie können das nicht auf dem FTB Launcher installieren.
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    What do I do with so much meat I can't eat it all?

    In the old version of Extra Utilities, you could combine generators into 8x and 64x versions in order to massively increasing rf generation.
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    The Forum Update

    So the decision to upgrade the forum was most certainly a good one, however, the forum does look much worse than before. If I were FTB, I would make an effort to revert the forum back to its preupdate look because change is bad and consistency is good.